PIFP Volunteers

PIFP Fellowship Application Requirements

To be considered for a PIFP fellowship, an applicant must volunteer with PIFP for a minimum of 25 hours.* Opportunities to earn hours include soliciting donations for the Auction, volunteering at fundraisers, participating in mass mailings,  volunteering on the night of the Auction, and participating in other announced projects and events.

More information about the solicitations process and volunteer expectations will be communicated throughout the year. Please contact either the Auction Coordinator or the Solicitation Coordinator with any questions:

Auction Coordinator: Lindsay Burrill (lburrill@law.villanova.edu)
Solicitation Coordinator: Margo DeGenova (mdegeno1@law.villanova.edu)


  • In order to apply for a fellowship, all volunteers must complete a minimum of 25 hours:
    • As applications are read anonymously, completing more than the required 25 hours will not bolster your fellowship application unless there is a tie, in which case additional hours may be used to break the tie.
    • Additional hours may, however, positively affect an application to the PIFP Board for the following year.
  • Hours opportunities will be announced at volunteer meetings, through emails, and on PIFP’s website:
    • Most opportunities are facilitated by online sign-up, and fill quickly.  Therefore, it is in your best interest to regularly check your email and the website for current opportunities.
  • 20 hours must be completed throughout the year
  • Applicants must volunteer at least one time during the fall semester to be eligible for the fellowship.
  • The remaining 5 hours must be earned at the Auction on February 23, 2019.
  • Volunteering at the Auction is mandatory for all fellowship finalists.
  • Finalists need to contribute an item to the auction in some way to be considered.
  • The job that finalists are seeking funding for must be an unpaid, public interest job for the summer.

REMINDER: When evaluating applications, the PIFP Selection Committee will also take into account volunteers’ demonstrated interest in public interest lawyering.  Consider contacting the Pro Bono Society (probono@law.villanova.edu) for ways to get involved during the academic year and on school breaks (e.g. PA Innocence Project, Street Law, Face-to-Face, Wills for Heroes, Inmate Letter Writing Program, etc.).

To inquire about hours completed to date, and for all other Fellowship-related questions, contact the Fellowship Coordinator, Megan Reinprecht, at mreinpre@law.villanova.edu. Questions may also be directed to the PIFP email, pifp@law.villanova.edu


2019 PIFP
Fellowship Application

Deadline: April 1, 2019


LRAP Application

Check back in Fall 2019

Auction Items

If you have an item you would like to donate please complete the donation form below. Questions? Contact pifp@law.villanova.edu.

Monetary Donations

We appreciate donations in any amount. Donations can be made online. After entering the donation amount, please select the "Walter A. Lucas '88 Public Interest Fellowship Program" as your "Other Designation."

Please consider sponsoring a fellow for

  • an hour ($11.25) 
  • a day ($90)
  • a week ($450)
  • a month ($1800)
  • or an entire summer ($4500).


Contact PIFP

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