CFLE students assist entrepreneurs from all industries and sectors to understand, plan for and navigate the legal aspects of launching, operating and growing their for-profit and non-profit businesses.  Check out examples of the variety of matters we advise on, as well information about a handful of limitations on our ability to provide services HERE.

Our time and advising services are free, however, clients must pay any third-party costs associated with the representation (which may include filing fees imposed by government agencies).

STEP 1: COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATION: Complete the CFLE’s online application for client services linked HERE. You will receive an automatic email response confirming that your application has been received.

STEP 2:  CHAT WITH CLINIC DIRECTOR: If your business and needs are a good fit for the services the CFLE provides and the CFLE’s Director anticipates having the capacity to bring on new clients, you will hear from the Clinic Director who will arrange a call to discuss your application in greater detail.

STEP 3:  SUPPLY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If our conversation confirms that your business and CFLE could be a good match, you may be asked to supply additional information about yourself and your business that will permit the CFLE to confirm that a representation of your business won’t create any conflicts of interest and to better prepare for an in-person meeting with you.

STEP 4: ATTEND IN-PERSON MEETING: We invite a limited number of applicants into the Clinic for an in-person meeting with one or more student counselors.  In-person meetings provide an opportunity for you and your student counselors to discuss at length your business, your legal concerns, and questions and expectations about working together, and to complete some preliminary paperwork with you.  The vast majority of applicants who we invite into the Clinic for a meeting become clinic clients, but occasionally a conflict or other issue may come to light that precludes CFLE’s ability to represent you.

STEP 5: SIGN ENGAGEMENT LETTER:  After CFLE counselors and the Clinic Director have determined together with you that our services are a good fit for your needs, your student counselor will present you with an Engagement Letter that outlines the scope of the Clinic’s representation of your business.  Once you’ve entered an Engagement Letter with CFLE, you’re a client!

No dice.  The CFLE only counsels clients who have completed the process above and with whom we’ve entered an Engagement Letter. 

Our program has the capacity to represent only a limited number of clients each semester.  If your needs are time sensitive, you may wish to inquire into the suitability of OTHER RESOURCES that may better suit your needs.  If your needs are less time sensitive or change over time, you should submit a new application for services on this website (ideally in July or December, just prior the start of a new semester), to be considered anew for the client roster when space becomes available.