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What is a Clinic?

A “clinic” is a course in which students represent clients under the direct supervision of a full-time member of the Villanova Law School faculty. Students engage in the practice of law, which enables them to reflect on the interaction between practice and theory and on the role of the lawyer in our society. Clinics also teach lawyering skills. Each clinic includes classroom sessions, tutorial meetings with the faculty member and classroom “rounds” on assigned cases.

Since clinics are courses, second and third year students can earn credit for experiential learning. In all clinics, students represent real clients with critical legal issues.

Students work in various legal settings and experience the satisfaction of functioning as a professional representing a client who otherwise may not receive legal representation.

Students interested in taking a clinic should not feel that they must have a particular interest in a specific area of law – this is not a prerequisite. In fact, students often excel in learning a new area of law and using that knowledge to benefit their clients.

Karrie Gurbacki Discusses Skills Learned in the Clinics

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