Do You Need Legal Help?

The Villanova Clinical Program is a law office, staffed by students, at the Villanova University School of Law.  Law students, working under close faculty supervision, provide free legal representation to a limited number of individuals who cannot afford to pay a lawyer.

Referrals and appointments are required.  No walk-ins are accepted.  All cases are screened for case type and financial eligibility and are selected for their educational value to the student-lawyers.  The office operates year-round but only accepts new cases during the academic year. Some clinics only accept clients who are referred by a public-interest law firm.          

Our clinics provide representation in specific types of civil cases.

Clinic Directory

Civil Justice Clinic
Students represent clients in a range of civil matters including custody, support,
disability, consumer matters, housing and employment. We do not handle divorce
or bankruptcy matters.
(610) 519-6417
Clinic for Asylum, Refugee & Emigrant Services (CARES)
Students represent refugees seeking asylum protection in the U.S. because of
threatened persecution in the countries from which they fled.                                                                  
(610) 519-6839
Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship (CFLE)
Students in the Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship provide direct representation
to entrepreneurs, businesses, and social ventures from the Philadelphia region.
Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic
Students represent clients who are living and working in agricultural and 
agricultural-related settings throughout eastern Pennsylvania.   
(610) 519-6839
Federal Tax Clinic
Students represent low-income taxpayers in controversies before the Internal
Revenue Service & in the U.S. Tax Court.      
(610) 519-4123
Interdisciplinary Mental and Physical Health Law Clinic (Health Law Clinic)
Law students & graduate nursing students work collaboratively representing low-income clients with health-related legal matters. All referrals for this clinic come from public interest law firms.

(610) 519-6417


For more general questions contact us at:

Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law
Clinical Program

299 N. Spring Mill Road
Villanova, PA 19085
Phone: (610) 519-5894
Linea Espanola: (866) 655-4419
Fax: (610) 519-5173