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FLAC Students Present "Immigration 101"

Isabel & Peyton

On November 5th, Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic (FLAC) students Isabel Naveira ’19 and Peyton Carper ’19 presented “Immigration 101” to a crowd of nearly 100 people at the Garage Community & Youth Center in Kennett Square.  They addressed misconceptions about immigrants, explained how the immigration system works and how difficult it is for FLAC clients to obtain U.S. citizenship.  The event was featured in the Chester County Press on November 13th and 14th

Isabel and Peyton provided data to dispel the myth that undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from native-born U.S. citizens.  Pointing to studies, they illustrated that undocumented immigration does not increase the prevalence of violent crime.  They also proved that undocumented immigrants pay taxes and explained the extensive screening process refugees must undergo before entering the country.   

The students were followed by a panel of leaders from the community, including Nancy Allyón Ramírez, an attorney from Justice at Work, who shared the challenges her clients face in reporting workplace abuses.  FLAC is excited about its growing partnership with the Garage Community & Youth Center, an after-school and youth development program serving middle and high school students in Kennett Square and West Grove.  The Garage aims to empower youth, most of whom are low-income, to pursue their potential through a safe place to build relationships and receive support.  FLAC looks forward to helping the community members it serves. 

The full Chester County Press article: