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Clinical Program Honored with St. Thomas More Award

Christine Speidel, Dveera Segal, Michele Pistone, Michael Campbell, Susanna Greenberg, Jennifer Jeffery, Rebecca Feldmann with members of Thomas More Society

The Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law Clinical Program was honored with the St. Thomas More Award on November 27, 2018, at a reception following the Saint Thomas More Society’s annual celebration of the Red Mass.

The Saint Thomas More Society of Philadelphia is an association of Catholic lawyers, judges and law professors, organized to promote the ideals of Saint Thomas More and the practice of traditional ethics in the legal profession.

The St. Thomas More Award is presented by the Society annually to a member of the legal profession whose accomplishments in some way represent the principles and ideals of St. Thomas More. The inscription on the award reads as follows: 

St. Thomas More. Attorney - Public Servant - Jurist - Scholar - Teacher. A practitioner of his Catholic religion, he combined an intense concern for the problems of his day with a personal moral commitment. And he placed obedience to his conscience over blind obedience to governmental authority. Presented by the St. Thomas More Society of Philadelphia in recognition of traits held by St. Thomas More.