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CARES Obtains Asylum for Multiple Clients and Welcomes New Fellow

The Clinic for Asylum, Refugee, and Emigrant Services (CARES) is thrilled to welcome our new fellow, Frances Kreimer. Frances joins CARES from Delores Street Community Services in San Francisco, where she co-directed the Deportation Defense and Legal Advocacy Program. Frances has extensive experience representing asylum seekers and mentoring both attorneys and law students. She has handled a wide variety of immigration cases and has particular expertise in mental-health-based asylum claims. Beginning in the Fall 2019 semester, she will be co-teaching the CARES seminar and supervising clinic students. Additionally, Frances is helping develop a symposium at the law school focused on immigration law.

Thus far in 2019, students in CARES have obtained asylum for eight clients from five different countries. The cases involved claims of gender-based violence, state violence against a supporter of an opposition political party, race-based persecution, and violence against a family targeted for their belief in the rule of law. Class of 2020 law students Brittney Frederick, Nicholas Khazamipour, Mary O’Rourke, Saruta Siriwatanakul, and Heather Smillie as well as class of 2019 students Amanda Tso, Sarah Baranik and Garrett Treer successfully advocated for clients (one as young as 4 years old) who were directly impacted by the current administration’s asylum and family separation policies. CARES students successfully collaborated with several experts on the psychological trauma and country conditions that caused our clients to seek refuge in the United States. CARES was also very fortunate this semester to be joined by Michelle Han, an undergraduate history major who interned with the clinic and helped our law students conduct country conditions research.