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The Villanova Law Difference

VLS Difference

At Villanova, we are committed to the future success of our students. So we surveyed business and law firm recruiters like you, and asked them they want when hiring law school graduates.

The overwhelming response was that you want lawyers with practical skills. You want lawyers not only to have first-rate analytical skills, but also the experience necessary to hit-the-ground running on Day 1 of the job.

In response, we transformed our curriculum and infused vital business coursework, professionalism skills and experiential learning opportunities into each student’s law school education.


Why Hire Villanova Law Talent?


The Duane Morris LLP Legal Writing Program requires our students to immerse themselves in five semesters of writing instruction. Our rigorous training demands that our students go beyond traditional memo and brief writing to simulated professional assignments that help them to think and write as an experienced attorney would.



We know that there is no substitute for real-world experience. So at Villanova Law, we require all students to enroll in either a Clinic or an Externship.

  • Villanova’s six Clinics are in-house law firms with students acting as primary advocates for their clients under the supervision of a faculty member.  Students interview, counsel, negotiate agreements, structure deals, draft legal documents and argue in court.
  • Externships at Villanova are rigorously supervised and fully vetted to ensure that students make the most of their learning opportunity. Villanova offers over 200+ placement opportunities that span the globe and are across all areas of practice, so students can be laser-focused in their chosen fields.
  • The best way to learn how to think and execute like a trial attorney is to practice. In our Trial Advocacy program, students perform exercises under the guidance of faculty, seasoned trial lawyers and experienced state and federal trial court judges who are brought in to help each student hone his or her skills.



Villanova Law’s newly enhanced curriculum prepares students for today’s fast-paced marketplace.

In today’s interdisciplinary world, lawyers often act as business consultants, problem solvers and financial strategists. In response, we are pushing the boundaries of a traditional legal education by requiring coursework that aligns with the new demands of professional practice.

Financial literacy, valuation principles and legal project management are all concepts Villanova students put into practice as they work through real-life legal scenarios under the supervision of faculty and practicing attorneys.

No matter the area of practice – Villanova students are equipped with the analytical and practical skills necessary to serve any type of employer.


Today’s recruiters are looking for legal professionals who not only have first-rate analytic skills, but also the real-world experiences necessary to hit the ground running on day one. In response, Villanova Law introduced to its curriculum a credit-bearing Professional Development Course, which is required during each year of law school. Coursework covers topics such as professionalismcommunication skillsprofessional independence and the lawyer as entrepreneur.


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