Larasz Moody with Students in the Law Commons

A Tradition of Respect for Human Dignity

Our Catholic and Augustinian mission and heritage provide the foundation for the Law School’s focus on the unique value of individual human lives. Guided by the Augustinian values of truth, unity, and love, Villanova provides a professional education that emphasizes honesty, integrity and responsibility. It inspires our steadfast commitment to provide service to the poor, a commitment woven into the very fabric of the Law School.

A Tradition of Academic Freedom

Villanova is committed to academic freedom as a fundamental principle, and we emphasize the value of critical, searching inquiry and open debate.  You will find a vibrant forum for principled engagement with ideas of all kinds in an atmosphere of civil expression and mutual respect.

A Tradition of Academic Excellence

A relatively young law school, Villanova has earned the reputation as a top-notch law school by refusing to compromise on excellence.  We are highly selective in our admissions policies and rigorous in our academic standards.  We are equally demanding in faculty hiring and have attracted outstanding scholar/teachers to our faculty. You will select courses from a rich range of offerings.  Learn about focus areas of study.  Explore hands on learning through our extensive externship offerings and our award-winning clinical programs

A Tradition of Inclusion

The University moved to this location when anti-Catholic and anti-Irish riots in Philadelphia resulted in the Augustinian Academy being burned to the ground.   Because of this history, and our Augustinian heritage, we take our commitment to inclusiveness seriously, and we are dedicated to insuring that Villanova Law is a welcoming, nurturing and richly diverse community.  

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