Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal - Volume XXIII

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Issue 1


Olympic Game Host Selection and the Law: A Qualitative Analysis
Ryan Gauthier

Sports Scandals from the Top-Down: Comparative Analysis of Management, Owner, and Athletic Discipline in the NFL & NBA
Joshua S.E. Lee & Jaimie K. McFarlin

Dancing Around Contracts and Business Ethics: Lessons from Arthur Murray
Daniel M. Warner


Stop Bashing Breyer: How the Justice’s Powerful Subtlety Out-Witted Scalia in Aereo III
Zachary Stirparo


A Hazy Shade of Winter: The Chilling Issues Surrounding Hazing in School Sports and the Litigation That Follows
Nicholas Bittner

Up in Arms: The Hunt to Define the Second Amendment’s Scope
Holly E. Jones

“We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”: How Federal Regulations of Shark Fishing Tournaments Could Shift the Tides of Conservation Initiatives
Ashley D. Keefer

Singh v. PGA Tour: A David v. Goliath Battle
Andrew Zoeller

Issue 2


A Changing Game: Challenging the Status Quo in Sports Law


Lights, Camera, … Injury! The NBA Needs to Ban Courtside Cameramen
Joshua D. Winneker, Philip Schultze, and Sam C. Ehrlich


Gray Area: Court of Arbitration for Sport Says Neigh to Reconsidering Strict Liability for Equestrian Sport
Mary Zoeller


Hanging on by a “Tail”: New Jersey’s 2014 Effort to Legalize Sports Gambling Stays Alive in the Third Circuit
Amelia Curotto

To Educate or to Make a Profit: Compensating College Athletes’ Families for Travelling Expenses
Sarah L. Holzhauer

This Hill Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us: How the Feud Between Skiers and Snowboarders Illustrates the Inequality that Has Become the Norm in Equal Protection Land Access Claims
Gregory T. Laudalio

Bring it On: Professional Cheerleaders Rally Against NFL’s Employment Policies
Jordan McGee

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