Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal - Volume XXI

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Issue 1


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Editorial Board of Volume XXI

From the Director
Andrew Brandt


NFL Concussion Litigation Resolved: Inside the Settlement With Plaintiff's Co-Lead Counsel, Sol Weiss
Panelist: Sol Weiss
Interviewer: Andrew Brandt


Alleging an Anticompetitive Impact on a Discernible Market: Changing the Antitrust Landscape for Collegiate Athletics
Randy Haight

When is Minority not Minority: NCAA Ignores Two Centuries of Anglo-American Contract Law Respecting Legal Status (Not available online)
M. Mark Heekin & Bruce W. Burton

There's a New Sheriff in Town: Commissioner-Elect Adam Silver & the Pressing Legal Challenges Facing the NBA Through the Prism of Contraction
Adam G. Yoffie


Remember the Titan: Matthews v. NFL Leaves the Playing Field Wide Open for Future Compensation Claimants
Angela Casey Brosnan

Atwater v. NFLPA: Casting Doubt on the Effect of Exculpatory Language in Collective Bargaining Agreements
Timothy L. Kianka

Sticking the Landing: How the Second Circuit's Decision in Biediger v. Quinnipiac Univ. Can Help Competitive Cheerleading Achieve "Sport" Status Under Title IX
Jacqueline R. Liguori


"Half Mental": Resolving the Risks Posed by Dual Competencies in Applied Sport Psychology
Francis X. Baker

The NCAA's Transfer of Power: An Analysis of the Future Implications the Proposed NCAA Transfer Rules Will Have on the Landscape of College Sports
Matthew R. Cali

Issue 2


An Inside Look at the World of Agents: Past Present, and Future: Panels 1 & 3
Panelists: David Cornwell, David Feher, Tom Condon, Leigh Steinberg, & Arn Tellem Interviewers: Andrew Brandt & Jeffrey Moorad


Score a Touchdown, Kiss Your Tattoo, and Get Sued for Copyright Infringement?
Darren A. Heitner and Alan Wilmot

Into the Wild: Can Regulation of Wilderness Recreational Activities Improve Safety and Reduce Search and Rescue Incidents?
Anne Villella and T.K. Keen

Who Let the Dogs Out: Should a Stadium Owner Be Held Liable for Injuries Sustained from a Mascot's Errant Hot Dog Toss?
Joshua D. Winneker, David Gargone, and Sam C. Ehrlich


Fumble! How the North Carolina Courts Dropped the Ball in McAdoo v. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Katherine D. Tohanczyn


Stepping Up to the Plate: Can the City of San Jose Overcome Baseball's Antitrust Exemption?
John Becker

Bargaining for the Next Gay Player: How Can Jason Collins Help to Develop the National Basketball Association into a More Inclusive Workplace?
Timothy Galaz

Where is the Awareness in Concussion Awareness: Can Concussed Players Really Assume the Risk in a Concussed State?
Heather MacGillivray

Official Timeout on the Field: Critics Have Thrown a Red Flag and are Challenging the NFL's Tax-Exempt Status, Calling for It to Be Revoked
Christian Schmed

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