Current Students

Course Registration

Both online and campus returning students are strongly encouraged to sign-up for courses by themselves by logging into myNova.  If a student has trouble with the myNova system, students may contact the Graduate Tax Program Office at or via phone at 610-519-7043.  

Course Schedule for the Campus Program

Course Schedules for the campus program and the academic calendar are posted online here.


Final Exam Procedures:

The schedule regarding final exams will be distributed students each session.  In order to request for an exam to be rescheduled, the following steps should be followed:

A request to reschedule an examination must be submitted to the Director on the Request to Reschedule Form for that purpose. Forms can be requested via email at Examinations may not be rescheduled for a time earlier than the regularly scheduled sitting.

Examinations may be rescheduled only for the following reasons:

1. A student is unable to take the regularly scheduled examination because of illness or other extraordinary personal reasons;

2. The examination is scheduled on the same day as another examination to be taken by the student;

3. The examination schedule requires the student to sit for three examinations in a consecutive three day period;

4. There are extraordinary, unavoidable client or other previously-scheduled professional commitments which make it impossible to sit for the examination at the scheduled time.

Requests to reschedule an exam must be received at least three business days before the date of the exam. Any student who fails to take an examination on the scheduled date and who has not received prior authorization for rescheduling, as provided above, will not be permitted to take the exam at a later date. As a result, an “F” grade in the course may result. If you need to reschedule more than one exam, please use a separate form.



For both online and campus students, please note that official grades are posted in myNova only. Grades, percentiles or points listed in the Blackboard Learning Management System are not considered official.

  • View your grades
       Log into myNOVA
       Click on the Just for You tab
       Current final grades will display
       To view grades from a prior term, select the term and click GO.

  • View your Transcript (final grades, all terms)
       Log into myNOVA
       Click on the Student tab
       Click on Academic Transcript

A degree candidate graduates at the end of the semester in which the degree requirements are satisfied.  Students must notify the Graduate Tax Office in writing of their intent to graduate before beginning their final semester in the Program by submitting the Diploma Order Form.

Formal commencement ceremonies are held in May by the School of Law for LLM candidates and at the Villanova School of Business for MT candidates.  Both online and on-campus students who graduated at the end of the previous Summer and Fall semesters are listed in the commencement programs, and are encouraged to participate in the May ceremonies.


Tuition Policies

Effective the Summer Semester of the 2019-20 academic year, graduate tax LL.M., MT, and certificate students will be charged tuition per credit in accordance with the following policy:

  • Campus Courses (non-distance): $1250 per credit hour

  • Online Courses (distance): $1525 per credit hour

Tuition refunds adhere to the following schedule for both on-campus and online courses:

  • Week 1: 100% (during the add/drop period)

  • Week 2: 75% (withdrawal [WX] period begins)

  • Weeks 3 to 7: Course withdrawal requests must be received in writing to the Graduate Tax Program Office with a copy to the instructor no later than 5:00pm ET on Friday of Week 7.  No tuition refunds will be processed and a WX grade will be added to the transcript for the course.
  • Week 8: Final Exam Week. No tuition refunds will apply.  Withdraw requests will not be accepted or processed.

For more information, please refer to the Bursar’s Office.

  • CLE and CPE continuing education credit is available to attorneys and accountants who are LL.M., MT, and certificate students who practice in the state of Pennsylvania. Online courses are not eligible for CLE or CPE credit.

  • To request continuing education credit, please complete the CPE and CLE form and submit to at the start of each semester.

The Graduate Tax Program is subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, which is designed to protect student rights with regard to educational records maintained by the institution.  Under the Act, the student has the following rights:

  1. To inspect and review educational records maintained by the institution that pertain to that student,
  2. To challenge the content of educational records on the ground that they are inaccurate, misleading or in violation of the student’s privacy or other rights, and
  3. To control disclosures from the student’s educational records, with certain exceptions.

A written policy detailing how the Program will comply with the provisions of the Act is on file and a copy can be obtained from the Villanova School of Law Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

All records maintained by the Program relating to the work and conduct of a student are considered confidential and for the exclusive use of the University and the Program. Information from such records or files is supplied to others only upon written waiver or request of the student involved.

The right is reserved to refuse to issue transcripts for students delinquent in financial obligations to the University.

Notification of any change of name, address or telephone number must be given promptly to the Graduate Tax Office to allow student records to be kept current.

Links to further information about student record policies are below.

LLM Degree Recipients: The Registrar of the School of Law issues official copies of Graduate Tax Program academic transcripts for the LLM degree. An official copy may be ordered online on the Villanova Law School Registrar’s webpage.  The fee is $2.00 for the first, and $l.00 for each additional transcript ordered at the same time. These fees are subject to change, so please verify with the Registrar’s office when you order the transcript.

MT Degree Recipients:  The Villanova University Registrar processes official transcript requests for students in the Master of Taxation program. A processing fee does apply. Requests can be made online here

Contact Our Staff


Meghan Petsko, Director
Graduate Tax Program    


Joy Sabino Mullane, Faculty Director and Professor of Law
Graduate Tax Program


Tim Dinan, Coordinator
Graduate Tax Program

Graduate Tax Office:

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Monday and Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM,
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Important Notices for Online Prospective and Current Students

The following includes important information regarding the University’s authorization status, students’ responsibilities related to relocation and programs leading to professional licensures, and the complaint process for online students.

Read the Notices for Distance Education Programs