VLS Faculty Highlights

Faculty Highlights:

October/November 2014

Todd Aagaard 

Spoke on a panel at Michigan Law’s "The Highest Tribute: The Michigan Journal of Race & Law at 20" conference in September.

Joined the Environmental Law Prof Blog, where he regularly contributes summaries and commentaries on developments in environmental and energy law.

Presented a draft paper, "Rethinking the Energy-Environment Divide," at the Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship at Vermont Law School on October 4.

Signed a contract with Foundation Press to publish a new environmental law casebook, Practicing Environmental Law (with Dave Owen and Justin Pidot).

His Advanced Environmental Law course submitted a proposed conservation easement monitoring and enforcement policy to the Lower Merion Conservancy, a local non-profit lands trust. The proposed policy will be submitted to the Conservancy’s board for adoption in the coming months. 

Leslie Book

His blog with Prof. Keith Fogg, Procedurally Taxing, is now a content partner with Forbes.com.

Andrew Brandt

In the Media: Appeared on Bloomberg Television’s Market Makers on December 1 to discuss Ray Rice reinstatement to the National Football League.

In the Media: Appeared on Bloomberg Television’s Market Makers on November 17 to discuss the NBA and sports gambling.

In the Media: Spoke to Bloomberg Radio on October 1 about the FCC decision to eliminate a 40-year-old federal rule enforcing television blackouts of games when stadiums don’t sell out.

In the Media: Spoke to Wall Street Journal Live on September 18 to discuss how the arrest of Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer adds to the domestic abuse scandals plaguing the NFL.

Presented and moderated a panel discussion on “Athlete Representation: Contracts, Clients & Careers” at the 2014 Ivy Sports Symposium in Princeton, New Jersey on November 14. 

Doris Brogan

In the Media: Quoted in the September 20 Morning Call article, “For mass murderer Michael Ballard, a case of live or let die?

Michael Campbell

Coordinated the 2014 Matthew J. Ryan Forum on Law and Public Policy on November 14 on the topic “Delivering Quality Health Care Today: Challenges, Opportunities and the Law.” 

David Caudill

Organized and moderated the 2014 Norman J. Shachoy Symposium, which honored and explored the scholarly work of Professor Penelope J. Pether.

Delivered a CLE ethics presentation, entitled “Orwell’s 1984: The Role of the Ethical Lawyer in the Age of Mass Surveillance,” at the annual Law & Literature Weekend held in November at Washington & Lee University.

Completed the recorded lectures for an online course, “Mastering Representation and Regulation,” as part of VLS’s online certificate program in the Law and Business of Sports.

Steve Chanenson

Spoke at a public seminar on the expungement of criminal records for the Delaware County Bar Association.

Chaired a meeting of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing's Strategic Planning Workgroup, which was held at Villanova Law.

Attended the first TEDx event ever held at a women's prison at SCI Muncy.

Lori Corso

Presented with Amy Spare a CLE program on “Free Sites for Legal Research” for Villanova Law alumni as part of Reunion Weekend .

Michelle Dempsey

Presented “Feminist Prosecutions of Violence Against Women: The Success, Tensions, and Future of VAWA” on November 7 at Temple University School of Law’s symposium celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act.

In the Media: Her letter to the editor, on the issue of human trafficking, appeared in the October 14 issue of The Philadelphia Inquirer. The letter was co-authored by VLS Adjunct Professor Shea Rhodes .

In the Media: Quoted in the September 29 Christian Science Monitor article, “California adopts first 'yes means yes' sex assault law. Does it go too far?”  

The international, interdisciplinary journal, Criminal Law & Philosophy, published a symposium volume on her book, Prosecuting Domestic Violence: A Philosophical Analysis.

Vicenc Feliu

His article, “Corporate 'Soul': Legal Incorporation of Catholic Ecclesiastical Property in the United States: A Historical Perspective,” was published in Volume 40, No. 2, of the Ohio Northern University Law Review.

Keith Fogg

His blog with Prof. Leslie Book, Procedurally Taxing, is now a content partner with Forbes.com.

Charles Forer

Selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2015 for arbitration and mediation, and named “2015 Lawyer of the Year” for arbitration in Philadelphia. 

Abraham Gafni

Presented a Mediation and Conflict Resolution Workshop for the Center for Peace and Justice Education of Villanova University as part of Peace Day Philly 2014.

Named the “2015 Best Lawyer of the Year” for mediation by Best Lawyers in America. He has previously received the same award for arbitration in 2013, and has continued to be listed as a “Best Lawyer” since 2005.

In the Media: His article, "Explaining Waiver of Court Trial in Arbitration Agreements," appeared in the November 18 issue of The Legal Intelligencer

In the Media: His article, “Ruling Shows Difficulty Establishing Arbitrator Partiality,” appeared in the September 16 issue of The Legal Intelligencer.

Presented a session titled "Effective Mediation and Settlement Techniques" at the Continuing Legal Education 2014 Litigation Summit, sponsored by The Legal Intelligencer on September 12. 

Richard Harvey

In the Media: Quoted in the December 8 New York Times article, “A Brake on Reincorporating Abroad via Mergers.”

In the Media: His paper, “Corporate Inversions -- Background, Causes, and Policy Options,” was featured onTaxProfBlog on November 11. 

In the Media: Quoted in the November 6 Business Insider article, “US anti-tax evasion law, FATCA, starts to hit home.” The story was picked up by several media outlets, including Yahoo! Finance and Daily Mail (UK).

In the Media: His article, “Need to access cash is driving surge of corporate inversions, not the high US tax rate” was published on The Conversation on October 28.

In the Media: Spoke to NPR on September 24 about The Treasury Department’s efforts to prevent corporate inversions. This was broadcast on several radio outlets across the country.  

In the Media: Quoted in the September 23 New York Times article, “New Rules Make Inversions Less Lucrative, Experts Say.”

In the Media: Quoted in the September 23 U.S. News & World Report, “Lew Outlines Rules to Discourage Inversions.

In the Media: Quoted in the September 23 Minneapolis Star-Tribune story, “New rules unlikely to stop Medtronic deal.” This article was also picked up by Bloomberg Businessweek and McClatchy DC.

His paper, “Corporate Tax Aggressiveness -- Recent History and Policy Options,” appeared in the National Tax Journal.

His paper, "Corporate Tax Aggressiveness - Recent History and Policy Options," was listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: ERN: Business Taxes & Subsidies (Topic), ERN: Firm (Topic), LSN: Corporate Law (Topic) and Political Economy: Fiscal Policies & Behavior of Economic Agents eJournal.

His paper, "Corporate Inversions - Background, Causes, and Policy Options", was listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: Tax Law: Practitioner Series eJournal.

Rufus King

In the Media: His article, "Lawyers as Entrepreneurs," appeared in U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 Legal Issue. 

James Edward Maule

Bloomberg BNA Tax Management, Inc. published his portfolio, Gross Income: Tax Benefit, Claim of right and Assignment of Income.

Michael Moreland

In the Media: Quoted in the October 28 Christian Science Monitor article, “Should the Feds reclassify marijuana? US judge holds hearing.” The story also appeared on Yahoo! News UK and Alaska Dispatch.

Organized and moderated a symposium on October 17 at Villanova Law on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in McCullen v. Coakley.

Participated in a conference, “Your Light Will Rise in the Darkness: Responding to the Cry of the Poor," sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame October 30–November 1.

Participated in a conference, “Millennials, Equity and the Rule of Law,” sponsored by the Federalist Society in Washington, DC November 13-15.

Participated in a roundtable discussion “A Confident Pluralism” at Notre Dame Law School on December 11.

His book chapter “Institutional Conscience: From Free Exercise to Freedom of Association and Church Autonomy” was published in an edited volume, The Conscience of the Institution (ed. Helen M. Alvare).

His remarks on “Religious Freedom and Discrimination” were published in the Journal of Christian Legal Thought (Vol. 4, No. 1 2014). 

Michele Pistone

In the Media: Three of her videos on teaching law students were highlighted in a December 8 post onTaxProf Blog.

Invited to participate in an expert roundtable meeting on "Refugee, Asylum and Other Humanitarian Policies: Challenges to Reform" on October 29 at Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of International Migration.

In the Media: Featured in the October 27 Scholastica Blog post, “Flipping the Law Classroom: Interview with Michele Pistone, Founder of LegalED.”

Her recent article, "No Path But One: Law School Survival in an Age of Disruptive Technology," was selected as the Article of the Month in June 2014 by the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning.

Presented a talk, LegalED: Igniting Law Teaching, at the CALI Conference in June at Harvard Law School.

Presented on “Flipping the Immigration Law Classroom” at the Immigration Law Professors Workshop Teaching Plenary in May at UC Irvine Law School.

Organized the first Igniting Law Teaching, a TEDx-styled conference on Law Teaching, in April at American University Washington College of Law. The talks focused on innovations in law school teaching methodology. Participants from the conference were invited to write articles based on their talks for theJournal of Legal Education.

Presented "Why Blended Learning for Legal Education?" at the Igniting Law Teaching conference at American University Washington College of Law on April 4.

Invited by Judy Areen, Executive Director of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), to present a talk on The Future of Legal Education to AALS staff.

Invited to serve on the Planning Committee for the 2015 AALS Clinical Conference, “Leading the New Normal: Clinical Education at the Forefront of Change,” scheduled for May 2015 in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Named a Fellow with Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers, an initiative of the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS).

Partnered with FWD.us to produce a series of educational videos from the country’s leading immigration law scholars on topics relevant to immigration law and reform.

Invited to be a founding blogger on the intersection of technology and law for Legal Technology Blog, the newest blog in the Law Professors Blogs Network.

Her TEDxVillanovaU talk, “The Future of Higher Education,” has been viewed more than 10,000 times on YouTube.

Participated in the 2014 SALT Teaching Conference on the panel entitled "Should Law Teachers Committed to Social Justice Champion the De-Structuring of the Legal Profession?: Fast-Track JD Programs, ‘Practice Ready’ Education, Reduced Legal Scholarship, Legal Technician License Programs, Legal Self-Help Products, Non-Lawyer-Led Law Firm Models, and Other Proposed Pathways to Affordable and Accessible Legal Services.”

Her book chapter, “Effective Teaching with Technology to Enhance Legal Education,” will appear in Building on Best Practices: Reflections on Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World (forthcoming 2015).

Her book chapter, “The Iraqi Refugee Crisis and the U.S. Response,” was published in Still Waiting for Tomorrow, The Law and Policies of Unresolved Refugee Crises, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2014).

Anne Poulin

In the Media: Quoted in the November 19 Patriot News story, “Sandusky-related cover-up case against former Penn State leaders has hit the two-year mark with no resolution.”

Shea Rhodes

In the Media: Her letter to the editor on the issue of human trafficking, appeared in the October 14 issue ofThe Philadelphia Inquirer. The letter was co-authored by Professor Michelle Dempsey.

Michael Risch

In the Media: Quoted in the December 11 Christian Science Monitor article, “California cities sue Uber: Is it destined to become just another taxi service?

In the Media: Quoted in the December 10 Washington Internet Daily article, “Cisco’s Copyright Suit Against Arista May Hinge on Google v. Oracle, Say Legal Experts.”

In the Media: Quoted in the December 4 Managing Intellectual Property blog post, “Business Method Patent Issuance Has Plummeted Since Alice.”

In the Media: Quoted in the November 24 Bloomberg Law article, “Design Patent Law Stakeholders Identify Trends Distinguishing Utility Patent Rules.”

Presented on “Functionality and GUI Design Patents” at the George Washington Law Design Patent Conference in November.

Presented “IP and Worker Mobility” at the Third Workshop on Trade Secrets and Worker Mobility, Max Planck Inst., in November.

In the Media: Quoted in the October 31 Law 360 story, “Profs Urge Fed. Circ. To Rehear Ruling Axing $30M Verdict.”

In the Media: Quoted in the October 14 Engadget story, “What you need to know about Google's battle with Oracle over Android.”

Delivered a presentation on “Devise of Digital Assets” in October at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

In the Media: Quoted in the September 16 Litigation Daily story, “CBS Verdict Empowers Podcast Patent Campaign.” The story also ran on Law.com.

Presented “NPEs and Patent Reform” at the DuPont/Widener Patent Conference in September.

In the Media: Quoted in the August 29 Design & Trend article, “Apple Denied Request for Sales Ban on Samsung Products.”

Presented on “A Generation of Patent Litigation” at the IP Scholars Conference at Berkeley Law School in August. Delivered same presentation at the Carolina Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Association in September.

Delivered a presentation on “Tech/Teaching/Texts” In July at the Berkman Center at Harvard University.

Mary Ann Robinson

Presented at the LWI One-Day Workshop held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law on December 5; her topic was "It’s Not Always an Argument: Helping Law Students Learn to Make Oral Presentations to Client."

Tuan Samahon 

Coordinated a Civil Procedure class field trip to the U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral argument in Dart Cherokee Basin Operating Company v. Owens.

Louis Sirico 

In the Media: Quoted in the September 25 Law.com article, “This Week by the Numbers: 'Clearly,' Fake Invoices and Oldies.”

His paper, “The Constitutional Convention: Drafting to Charter Future History,” was published by theGeorgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy,Volume 12, No. 157 (2014). 

Amy Spare 

Presented with Lori Corso a CLE program on “Free Sites for Legal Research” to Villanova Law alumni as part of Reunion Weekend.

Jennifer Sperling

In the Media: Quoted in the November 17 Al-Jazeera America article, "From Criminal Record to Clean Slate in Philly's Promise Zone.

Ellen Wertheimer 

Her work was recently cited in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision on Tincher v. Omega Flex