VLS Faculty Highlights

Faculty Highlights:

March/April 2014

April Barton  

Presented “Using Rubrics to Improve Learning Outcomes” at the Working Group for Distance Learning in Legal Education spring meeting, held at Washington University Law School in St. Louis, Missouri. She also led a subcommittee during the working days of the conference.

Caitlin Barry  

In the Media: Quoted in the March 12 Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia article, “Philly’s Immigration Debate.”

Heather Baum  

Presented “Developing Character Skills in the First-Year Legal Writing Curriculum to Promote Success in Law School and the Legal Profession” at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 29.

Leslie Book 

Was a panelist at The Atlantic Monthly's Tax Policy Summit on March 25 in Washington, DC.

Andrew Brandt 

In the Media: Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor's April 25 story, "Players union vote at Northwestern could change more than college football."

In the Media: Quoted in the April 9 NewsWorks story, “NFL Concussion Settlement Closer to Approval.”

Patrick Brennan 

Planned and participated in a closed-door conference on "The Human Person, Economics, and Catholic Social Thought," sponsored by the Lumen Christi Institute at the University of Chicago.

Delivered an invited lecture on "Religious Liberty and Conscience" as part of "The Manhattan Declaration in Philadelphia" at the National Constitution Center.

Joined an amicus brief in the Supreme Court in Perez v. Mortgage Brokers Association.

David Caudill 

Drafted the professional law responsibility question for the February 2014 California Bar Exam.

Candace Centeno 

Presented “Beyond Legal Writing: Adapting Legal Writing Assignments to Provide Instruction on and Practice for Real-World Meetings, Interviewing, and More” at the Southeastern Legal Writing Conference at Stetson Law School on April 26.

Joseph Dellapenna 

Chaired the panel, “Water: The Challenge to International Law and Policy,” at the joint meeting of the American Society of International Law and the International Law Association in Washington, DC, on April 11.

In the Media: Quoted in the March 29 OZY article, “Rising Waters: The Increasing Need for Water Attorneys.”

Presided over a session of the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program on March 14. He discussed “Transboundary water management programs.”

In the Media: Quoted in the March 1 National Driller article, “Legal Expert Offers Insights on Water Rights, Management.”

Michelle Dempsey 

Elected to serve on the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on Philosophy & Law.

Served as a respondent to Sohalila Abulali’s lecture “Sexual Violence in India: Everything is Different or Everything is the Same,” on behalf of the Villanova Gender & Women’s Studies Program on April 8.

Presented “Decriminalizing Sex Trafficking Victims” at an event regarding The Future of Criminal Law at the University of Minnesota School of Law on April 23.

Presented her paper, “Decriminalizing Sex Trafficking Victims,” and participated at a scholarly workshop hosted by the Robina Institute for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice on April 24 and 25 at the University of Minnesota School of Law.

John Dobbyn 

Presented at a luncheon meeting of the Quarterly Club of retired professors of Villanova on “Blood Diamonds” on April 22.

Vicenc Feliu 

Presented, “Embedding Programs for Librarians and Clinicians,” at the inaugural LegalED Conference at the American University Washington College of Law on April 4.

In The Media: Interviewed on April 7 for inclusion in the “Oral History of Law Librarianship” series, published by Hein Online.

Keith Fogg 

His article, "Tax Issues Facing Clients of Legal Services," was published in the Spring 2014 volume of Management Innovation Excellence Journal.

Had a paper published in the March/April 2014 edition of Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure.

Abraham Gafni 

Helped to organize and participated in a CLE Program, titled “Successful Negotiations: Training for Philadelphia’s Legal Services Organizations,” on March 14. The program was sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers.

In the Media: His article, “When Do Superseding Contracts Impact Right to Arbitrate,” appeared in the Legal Intelligencer on March 18.

Presented “Mediation and Arbitration Advocacy: What to Do – What Not to Do” in a special Litigation Seminar presented by The Legal Intelligencer at the Union League in Philadelphia on April 10.

Listed among the "Best Lawyers in Philadelphia 2014," in both arbitration and mediation, in a supplement to The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Wall Street Journal.

Richard Harvey 

Was a keynote speaker and presented his paper, “FATCA Background, Developments, and Key Issues,” at University of Baltimore School of Law tax symposium on March 24.

In the Media: Quoted in the April 24 Politico article, “The New Russian Sanctions: Stalled Tax Talks.

In the Media: Quoted in April 17 Yahoo! Finance article, “Caterpillar Likely to Face Closer IRS Scrutiny.” The story was also published by AccountingWeb.

In the Media: Quoted in the April 14 CQ Weekly cover story, "Nowhere to Hide."

In the Media: Quoted in the April 7 Accounting Web article, “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Caterpillar Likely to Face Closer IRS Scrutiny.”

In the Media: Quoted in the April 7 Wall Street Journal Article, "Caterpillar Likely to Face Closer IRS Scrutiny."

In the Media: Quoted in April 7 Tax Notes Today article, “Whistleblower Award Processing Continues to Lag.”

In the Media: Quoted in the April 4 Benzinga.com article, “Congress Moves Tax Loophole Bill Forward.”

In the Media: Quoted in the April 1 Wall Street Journal article, “Caterpillar Shifted Profits Oversees to Lower U.S. Tax Liabilities.”

In the Media: Quoted in the April 1 Wall Street Journal article “Caterpillar’s Tax Strategy Stirs Senate Debate.

In the Media: Quoted in the March 30 Wall Street Journal article, “Caterpillar Set To Defend Its Tax Bill.”

In the Media: Quoted in the March 28 Reuters article, “Caterpillar to Face U.S. Senate Panel on Offshore Taxes.”

Presented, “ FATCA and the Taxation of U.S. Citizens Living Abroad,” at PennLaw on April 9 as part of its Center for Tax Law & Policy Seminar Series.

Listed by TaxProf Blog as #19 among the most downloaded tax law professors nationally based the number of SSRN downloads in the past 12 months.

His paper, “Offshore Accounts: FATCA Background Developments and Key Issues,” was recently listed on SSRN’s top ten download list.

Beth Lyon 

Her paper, “Detention of Migrants: Harsher Policies, Increasing International Law Protection,” was published in the Research Handbook on Migration and International Law.

Michael Moreland 

In The Media: Quoted in the April 2 Roll Call article, “Will McCutcheon Ruling Boost Political Parties?

Invited participant in a roundtable discussion on Nicholas Wolterstorff, The Mighty and the Almighty (Cambridge University Press, 2012) at Notre Dame Law School on March 27.

Invited respondent at a panel on "John Finnis on Religious Freedom" at a conference on the scholarship of John Finnis at Princeton University on March 26.

In the Media: Quoted in the March 26 Christian Science Monitor article,“Closing Arguments in Major California Education Reform Case.” The story also appeared in Yahoo! News and Alaska Dispatch.

Invited participant in the 29th annual Notre Dame Medical Ethics Conference at the University of Notre Dame and presented remarks on a panel “Pregnant, Brain-dead, and on Life Support,” March 21-23.

Delivered an invited lecture, "Institutional Religious Freedom,” in the Wheatley Institution Lecture Series on Religious Freedom at Brigham Young University on March 5.

Joined an amicus brief in BNSF Railway Co. v. United States (5th Cir. 2014).

Michele Pistone 

Her paper, “No Path But One: Law School Survival in an Age of Disruptive Technology,” was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for Law Educator: Courses, Material & Teaching eJournal.

Anne Poulin 

In the Media: Quoted in April 26 Philadelphia Inquirer article, “Analysis: Kane Invited Risks by Daring Williams On A Sting.”

In the Media: Quoted in the March 11 Tribune Review article, “Washington County Judge: Evidence Against Him Illegally Obtained.”

Her article, “Tests for Harm in Criminal Cases: A Fix for Blurred Lines,” was accepted for publication in the University of Pennsylvania Journal Constitutional Law.

Michael Risch 

In the Media: Quoted in the April 28 Bloomberg Businessweek article, “Apple-Samsung $2 Billion Patent Case Over Google Near End.” The story was published by several media outlets, including the Washington Post, Yahoo! Finance and Businessweek.

In the Media: Quoted in the April 22 Variety article, “Justices Express Concern Over a Sweeping Aereo Ruling.”

In the Media: Interviewed about ABC v. Aereo by Wall Street Journal Live on April 22.

In the Media: Quoted in the April 22 KYW Radio story, “Supreme Court Consider Case That Could Change the way We Watch TV.”

In the Media: Published his article, “The Three Pictures of Aereo” on Madisonian.net on April 22.

In the Media: Quoted in the April 8 SCOTUS Blog post, “Tuesday Round Up.”

In the Media: Quoted in the March 30 Bloomberg and Businessweek article, “Apple’s Second Quest of Samsung Smartphone Ban Seen as a Stretch.”

In the Media: Quoted in the March 30 Wall Street Journal article, “Supreme Court Steps Into Software-Patent Debate.”

In the Media: Quoted in the March 21 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article, “Once Seeking $4B, “Troll” Gets $2.7M.”

In the Media: Quoted in the March 3 Wall Street Journal article, “Supreme Court Steps Into Software-Patent Debate.”

Participated in the CPIP Teleforum, “Software Patents and the Innovation Economy,” on March 27 at the George Mason University School of Law.

Louis Sirico  

Co-edits the Legal Skills Prof Blog, which won the 2013 Blawggie for the best law professor blog.

Published with Professor Nancy Schultz (Chapman Law School) the 6th edition of Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills (Wolters Kluwer/Aspen).

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