Oct. - Nov. 2016

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Faculty Highlights:

Oct. - Nov. 2016

Mark Alexander

In the Media: Appeared on MSNBC's AM Joy to discuss President-elect Trump's transition team and cabinet picks on Nov. 26

In the Media: Appeared on MSNBC's AM Joy to discuss the Wisconsin election recount on Nov. 26.

In the Media: Mentioned in Inside Higher Ed's Nov. 9 article, "A Law Dean's Election Day Experience."

In the Media: Appeared on MSNBC Live with Kate Snow to discuss Presidential debate prep on Oct. 10.

In the Media: Appeared on CBS This Morning on Sept. 24 as part of its segment "The art of the presidential debate."

In the Media: Featured "10 questions" subject in The Philadelphia Lawyer's Fall 2016 issue.

Caitlin Barry

In the Media: Quoted in The Reading Eagle's Oct. 9 article, "Berks County legal fees pile up over immigration facility."

Leslie Book

Organizer and panelist at "Improving the Tax System Using Advances in Social Knowledge and Technology" Conference sponsored by American Tax Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. in Nov.

Presented "Thinking About Taxpayer Rights and Social Psychology to Improve Administration of the EITC" at University of Washington School of Law Tax Symposium in Oct.

Presented "Bureaucratic Oppression and the Tax System" at Loyola University (Chicago) Class Crits Conference in Oct.

Andrew Brandt

In the Media: Quoted in the Nov. 9 USA Today article, "San Diego voters overwhelmingly reject Chargers stadium plan."

In the Media: Quoted in the Nov. 8 San Diego Union-Tribune article, "Column: Emotion may inform Chargers next big decision."

Michael Campbell

In the Media: Interviewed by NBC 10 on Nov. 15. on healthcare changes with President-elect Trump's transition. 

David Caudil

Presented a 2-hour legal ethics CLE program entitled "Ian McEwan'sThe Children's Act: Boundaries between the persoal and professional lives of lawyers and judges," on Nov. 5 at the Villanova Law alumni weekend.

Presented a 2-hour legal ethics CLE program entitled "King Lear: Who can you trust?," on Oct. 14 at the 23rd annual Washington & Lee Law and Literature Seminar, Lexington, VA.

Published article entitled "Remembering Pether on Precedent: Crossing (National and Disciplinary) Borders," in Villanova Law Review 465 (2016).

Published article entitled "¿El derecho en el diván del analista?: los usos de la teoría psicoanalítica en la academia estadounidense contemporánea (Law on the analyst’s couch?: the uses of psychoanalytic theory in contemporary U.S. scholarship," in 77 Derecho PUCP (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) 49 - 62 (2016).

Re-appointed as Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Michelle Madden Dempsey

Published a book chapter, Domestic Violence in the US Criminal Justice System, in Changing Contours of Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press, November 2016), a volume celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Oxford Centre for Criminology.

Presented a paper, Violence, Consent, and the Futility of Rape Law Reform, at the University of Minnesota School of Law's Symposium, Legal Feminism: Looking Back, Looking forward, in Nov.

Moderated a panel, Root Cause Analysis in Civilian-Involved Shootings, at the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law's Norman J. Shachoy Symposium on Oct. 28.

In the Media: Quoted in CNN's article, "What would happen if you experienced Trump's brag?" on Oct. 11. The story was picked up by more than 60 outlets nationwide.

Presented chapters from her forthcoming book, Sex, Wrongs, and Criminalization at Queen's University's Colloquium in Legal and Political Philosophy in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in Oct.

Published an article entitled, "Smith & Hogan at Villanova: Reflections on Anglo-American Criminal Law, the Definition of Rape, What America Still Needs to Learn from England" in Villanova Law Review 509 (2016).

Vicenc Feliu

Presented Authors Guild v. Google y el Futuro del Uso Legítimo (Authors Guild v. Google and the Future of Fair Use) at the Conferencia de la Maestría en Propiedad Intelectual at the University of the Andes School of Law in Bogota, Colombia on Oct. 30.

Abraham Gafni

Published in "What happens if the Arbitral Forum or Arbitrator is Unavailable?" in Legal Intelligencer on Nov. 15.

Ruth Gordon

Presented "Development 2.0: Confronting Unsustainable Development" in International Environmental Law and The Global South and Iowa Journal of International and Transnational Law on Oct. 28.

Presented a paper, entitled "Development 2.0 The Global South in the 21st Century" as part of a Festschrift in honor of Professor Henry Richardson at Temple University School of Law on Oct. 7.

J. Richard Harvey

In the Media: Quoted in Tax Notes' Sept. 22 article, "Hope Springs Eternal for the CCCTB."

His article, "Corporate Tax Aggressiveness - Recent History and Policy Options" was highlighted in Jordan Barry and Karen Burke's "A Brief Review of Corporate Tax Articles 2014-15." in Tax Notes, Vol. 151, No. 2, 2016.

In the Media: Quoted in Tax Notes' Sept. 13 article, "Tax Court Decision 'Beyond Meaningful Challenge' Altera Argues."

In the Media: Quoted in Tax Notes' Sept. 6 article, "Tax Extortion--the European Version."

In the Media: Quoted in Financial Times' Aug. 31 article, "Apple's €13bn bill swamps its EU tax filings"

In the Media: Quoted in Tax Notes' Aug. 7 article, "Can financial accounting help government win Altera?"

With fellow tax law experts, submitted comments in support of proposed Treasury Department anti-inversion rules. TaxProf Blog published a post highlighting the comments on July 7.

In the Media: Quoted in CNN Money's July 7 article, "Facebook is being investigated by the IRS."

Submitted with fellow professors an Amicus brief to the 9th Circuit on the Altera case and whether IRS regulations were arbitrary or capricious under the Administrative Procedures Act. The brief was subsequently highlighted in Tax Notes on July 6.

In the Media: Quoted in Bloomberg's April 27 article, "Delaware's $1 Billion Incorporation Machine"

In the Media: Quoted in Bloomberg's April 13 article, "Panama Leak Spurs Global Zeal to Crack Shell Companies, But How?"

In the Media: Quoted in the April 11 Politifact article, "Sanders: U.S. multinationals would owe $260 billion on overseas profits." His quote was subsequently included as part of TaxProfBlog's April 12 post "Harvey, Kleinbard Fact-Check Bernie Sander's Claim that U.S Multinationals Owe $620 Billion in U.S. Taxes On Cast Stashed Overseas."

His paper "Offshore Accounts: Insider's Summary of FATCA and its Potential Future," made the SSRN top 10 list of most downloaded public tax law papers in history.

James Edward Maule

Published in "Perspectives on Two Proposals for Tax Filing Simplification" in ABA Tax Times in Aug.

Michael Moreland

Participated in a panel "Is the Constitution Judeo-Christian?" sponsored by the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Nov. 21.

Moderated two panels and participated in a conference "You are Beauty: Exploring the Catholic Imagination" sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, Nov. 10 -12.

Participated in "Tradition and Law and Politics" conference in New York City sponsored by St. John's University School of Law and moderated a session on "The American Religious Tradition" on Oct. 20 - 22.

Delivered remarks on "The Common Good and Constitutional Law" at "Public Theology and the Global Common Good" conference at Boston College on Oct. 14 -15.

Delivered a response to Don Herzog (University of Michigan Law School) on "Sovereignty, R.I.P" at Notre Dame Law School faculty colloquium on Oct. 13.

Participated in a workshop for law professors on public choice economics at George Mason University on Oct. 5 - 7.

Michele Pistone

In the Media: Public Radio International featured a case represented by Pistone and her students in "A Migrant from El Salvador Gets Her Chance in Immigration Court" on Nov. 22.

In the Media: Mentioned in Financial Times' Nov. 16 article, "Online Law Degrees Flourish Under Tight Supervision."

Featured in Association of American Law Schools' 2016 AALS newsletter, Spotlight on Sections in Nov.

Invited to serve on the University Office of the Provost, Faculty Scholar Advisory Team.

Michael Risch

In the Media: Quoted in Bloomberg News' Nov. 8 story, "Airbnb's 'Don't Punish Us' for Scofflaws Fails Court Test".

In the Media: Quoted in Bloomberg News' Oct. 12 story, "Apple-Samsung Feud in Supreme Court".

In the Media: Quoted in Reuters' Oct. 10 article, "U.S. top court to hear Apple-Samsung feud Apple, Samsung take design patent spat to Supreme Court this week".

In the Media: Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor's Oct. 9 article, "Apple, Samsung take design patent spat to Supreme Court this week".

In the Media: Spoke to Bloomberg Radio for its Oct. 7 story, "Airbnb Sues San Francisco Over Law".

In the Media: Quoted in Bloomberg News' Oct. 6 article, "Airbnb's San Francisco Showdown May Set Rules on Gig Economy".

Co-contributed a guest post, entitled "Recalibrating Patent Venue," to PatentlyO on Oct. 6.

Tuan Samahon

In the Media: Quoted in the Miami Herald's Nov. 9 article, "Unveiled CIA report reveals internal warfare over blame for Bay of Pigs Failure."

Presented a work-in-progress at George Mason University Law and Economics Center (LEC) Workshop for Law Professors on Public Choice Economics on Oct. 5 -7.

Represented CLAS professor David Barrett in his FOIA request for access to Vol. 5 of the CIA's history of the Bay of Pigs invasion.