October 2017

Todd Aagaard

Presented his paper, "Reframing Energy Development on Public Lands to Enhance Public Deliberation," at the 37th Biennial Public Land Law Conference, Bridging Divides: Energy, Environment and Empowerment in a New Era, on Oct. 13 at the University of Montana.

Patrick McKinley Brennan

Presented a paper, "Humanhood and Justice: Mere Creation Isn't Quite Enough," at the J. Reuben Clark School of Law, Brigham Young University, at a conference on "Family and Religion" sponsored by the Marriage and Family Law Research Project at BYU.

Participated in a two-day planning discussion, at Emory University School of Law, of the authors of a forthcoming volume, "Christianity and Criminal Law: An Introduction," to be published by Cambridge University Press. Brennan's chapter will concern "Christianity and the Purposes of Criminal Punishment."

David Caudill

Presented a paper (by video), entitled "Toward a Sociology of Forensic Knowledge," at a 2-day symposium on Experts, Inference and Innocence at Seton Hall University Law School on Oct. 27.

Gave a 2-hour ethics CLE presentation entitled "Great Expectations: Jaggers and the [Half-lived] Lives of Dickens's Lawyers," on Oct. 27 at Washington and Lee University Law School's annual weekend symposium on law and literature studies.

Candace Centeno

Appointed to the Association of Legal Writing Directors Leadership and Development Committee.

Michelle Dempsey

Appointed to the editorial board of the Journal of Legal Education.

Her article, "Processes of Criminalization in Domestic and International Law: Considering Sexual Violence," was accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal, Criminal Law and Philosophy.

Diane Edelman

Chaired and moderated a panel, "Philly's Global Lawyers - Educating and Training International Lawyers in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area," which was co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Bar Association and the Global Philadelphia Association.

Presented awards at the Philadelphia Bar Association International Law Committee's annual Awards Reception for international LLM students.

Brett Frischmann

Presented the keynote address for the OECD meeting, "Enhanced Access to Data: Reconciling the Risks and Benefits" in Copenhagen, Denmark on Oct. 2-3.

Published his co-authored book Governing Medical Knowledge Commons as part of his Cambridge Studies on Governing Knowledge Commons.

Participated in "Book Talk: Governing Medical Knowledge Commons" about his co-authored book at New York University School of Law on Oct. 26.

Participated in CITP/UCHV Conference: Technology Ethics, Political Philosophy and Human Values: Dilemmas in Artificial Intelligence Governance at Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy on Oct. 6.

Participated in CITP Launch Event: Initiative on Artificial Intelligence and Policy at Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy on Oct. 19.

J. Richard Harvey

Quoted in the Nov. 6 New York Times article, "After a Tax Crackdown, Apple Found a New Shelter for Its Profit."

Interviewed on Bloomberg Radio on Oct. 6 about the EU Commission's actions surrounding illegal state aid for Amazon, Apple and other companies.

Catherine Lanctot

Presented "Thurgood Marshall: Attorney At Law," at an event honoring the 50th anniversary of Justice Marshall's appointment to the Supreme Court at the African-American Museum in Philadelphia on Oct. 10.

Edward Liva

Moderated a panel discussion on current federal and state tax audits and examinations at the 28th Annual Philadelphia Tax Conference.

James Maule

Published his portfolio, T.M. 512-2, in Bloomberg BNA Tax Management's Tax Incentives for Production and Conservation of Energy and Natural Resources.

Michael Moreland

Delivered a paper on "Hobbes and the Philosophy of Tort Law" and participated in the International Thomas Hobbes Colloquium at Paris Descartes University-Sorbonne on Oct. 27-28.

Participated in a panel on "The Crisis in Puerto Rico," sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, at Falvey Library on Oct. 19.

Participated in a conference, "Good Proft: How Profitable Business Can Be a Force for the Good" sponsored by The Catholic University of America Busch School of Business and Economics and the Napa Institute in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 4 - 6.

Josephine Sandler Nelson

Presented her "Disclosure-driven Crime" article by competitive invitation before the Wharton School's Zicklin Center Normative Business Ethics Workshop.

Attended the Volkswagen Foundation's international conference on Business Ethics in Hannover, Germany at as the only American law professor.

Michele Pistone

Organized and moderated a panel, "The Refugee and Migrant Compacts: Content and Intersection," at the Center for Migration Studies Annual Academic and Policy Symposium, Whither Immigration? New Directions in Research and Policy in an Era of Nationalism, on Oct. 3 in New York.

Shea Rhodes

Spoke for the Pennsylvania Governor's Office of Homeland Security at Villanova University on Oct. 31.

Spoke at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute on Oct. 20.

Spoke in Harrisburg at the press conference for Senate Bill 554 advocacy on Oct. 17.

Hosted the event "Marketing a Movement" at the Law School on Oct. 13.

Facilitated a training at the Jefferson Hospital Trauma Nurses Conference on Oct. 12.

Gave the keynote address for the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation on Oct. 11.

Moderated a panel at the statewide conference, PA Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness on Oct. 11.

Spoke at the Berks County School Nurses Conference on Oct. 9.

Facilitated a training at the Wayne County Law Enforcement and Prosecutors Office on Oct. 4.

Presented at the Pennsylvania Governor's Emergency Preparedness Summit on Oct. 3.

Michael Risch

Interviewed by KCBS radio on Oct. 1 discussing a lawsuit involving a San Francisco restaurant.

Chaim Saiman

Presented "Is Halakhah Jewish Law? (And why that is a harder question than you may think!)" at Machon Herzog, Scholars Program, Jerusalem, Israel.

Participated in the Insurance Law Roundtable at Rutgers Law School in Camden, NJ.

Presented "Rabbinical Courts in the Contemporary West: A Forum of Jewish Law or a Jewish Legal Forum?" at American Society of Comparative Law in Washington, DC.

Tuan Samahon

Presented on separation-of-powers essentialism during the Richmond Law Review's symposium "Defining the Constitution's President Through Legal & Political Conflict" on Oct. 27.

Helped organize and participated in the Villanova Law Review's Shachoy Symposium on "Fifty Years Under the Freedom of Information Act, 1967 - 2017," Oct. 20.

Louis Sirico

Published "Review of Bruce Allyn Findlay & Esther Blair Findlay, Your Rugged Constitution," 14 Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD 153 (2017).