May - June 2018

Faculty Highlights May - June 2018

Todd Aagaard

Presented “First Principles and Administrative Agencies” at the Fourth Annual Sustainability Conference of American Legal Educators at Arizona State University on May 11.

Caitlin Barry

Participated in a panel regarding “Decolonizing Legal Education” at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada on June 8.

Moderated a plenary panel on “Organizing and Advocating in Pennsylvania” at the Immigration Law Teachers and Scholars Workshop at Drexel University Kline School of Law on May 25.

Planned and co-presented a workshop on “Creative Clinical Pedagogy in an Era of Mass Incarceration” at the AALS Clinical Conference in Chicago, April 29 – May 2.

Andrew Brandt

Spoke on “The Secret Behind Successful Sports Programs” panel at a Villanova University Club of New England alumni event in Boston on June 27.

Spoke on a panel on “The Future of Sports Gambling in America” at the Hashtag Sports Conference in New York on June 26.

Delivered a keynote speech at Cozen O’Connor’s Sports Law event in Minneapolis on June 6.

In the Media: Quoted by NPR in “Sports Betting Ruling Could Have Consequences, Especially for College Athletes” on May 14.

In the Media: Appeared on The Rich Eisen Show regarding the Supreme Court decision on sports betting on May 14.

In the Media: Appeared on The Dan Patrick Show regarding the Supreme Court decision on sports betting on May 14.

Presented “Contrasting American and European Sports Models” at the European Coaches Association Annual Meeting in New York on May 5.

Steve Chanenson

Presented “Pennsylvania Criminal Jury Instructions: A Critical Tool for Your Practice” at the 35th Annual Criminal Law Symposium on June 8.

Benjamin Carlson

Presented Scrape It Off: Using or Making Web Scraping Tools to Gather Structured Data from Webpages at CALIcon 18 at American University Washington College of Law in Washington, DC on June 7. 

David Caudill

Taught an intensive LLM course in expert evidence at the University of Melbourne in Australia on June 25-29.

Published "Toward a Sociology of Forensic Knowledge: A (Supplementary) Response to Cole” in Seton Hall Law Review in Spring 2018.

Michelle Dempsey

“What We Have Reason to Do: Another View from the Cliff-Top” was accepted for publication in the Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies in June 2018.

Brett Frischmann

Published Re-Engineering Humanity through Cambridge University Press in April 2018.

Delivered a book talk on Re-Engineering Humanity at Politecnico di Torino in Turin, Italy on June 29.

Co-wrote “How Facebook Programmed our Relatives” in Scientific American on June 21.

In the Media: Interviewed for Techtonic with Mark Hurst on WFMU on June 11.

Gave a keynote presentation on “Conceptualizing the New Commons: The Examples of Knowledge Commons & Seed and Variety Commons” in Oldenburg, Germany on June 7.

Gave a keynote presentation at 4TU.Ethics Annual Research Day in Eindhoven, Netherlands on June 5.

Presented at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands on June 4.

Presented on a panel on “Rethinking the Internet: How we Lost Control and How to Take it Back” at the 2018 World Science Festival in New York on June 2.

Presented at the Privacy Law Scholars Conference at George Washington University Law School on “Privacy Commons across Academic, Commercial, and Public Policy Contexts: Comparative Analysis of
Associational Rules and Norms that Govern Privacy to Support Knowledge Production and Sharing.”

Presented on “AI and the Future of Society: A Global Approach to Understanding the Digitalization Revolution from the Social Science Perspective” at the Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology at UC San Diego, La Jolla, California on April 27-28.

Presented on Re-Engineering Humanity at the Faculty Workshop at the University of San Diego Law School on April 26.

Presented on the “Governance of Knowledge Commons at the Contemporary Challenges in Law, Economics and Conflict” at Cornell Research Academy of Development, Law and Economics in New York on April 12-13.

In the Media: Published “Here’s why tech companies abuse our data: because we let them” in The Guardian on April 10.

Abraham Gafni

Named to the National Law Journal's 2018 ADR Champions List in June 2018.

In the Media: Published “Who Decides Arbitrability-Is it the Court or an Arbitrator?” in The Legal Intelligencer on May 18.

James Edward Maule

His blog post “Lawmakers “Hoping” But That’s Not Enough” has been republished by Law 360 Tax Authority on May 15.

Michael Moreland
Led a “Courthouse Steps” tele-forum on the Supreme Court's decision in NIFLA v. Becerra sponsored by the Federalist Society’s Religious Liberties and Free Speech & Election Law Practice Groups on June 26.

In the Media: Spoke on WBUR "Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban, Strikes Down California Law Regulating Pregnancy Clinics" on June 26.

Participated in the Annual Law & Religion Roundtable at the University of Pennsylvania on June 21-22.

Presented “Religious Freedom and the US Constitution” at the Civic Education Summer Seminar in Philadelphia sponsored by the Wheatley Institute, Brigham Young University, on June 14.

In the Media: Quoted by Law360 in “Kennedy Ends ‘Masterpiece’ With LGBT Rights Legacy Intact” on June 5.

In the Media: Spoke on NPR’s On Point from WBUR in Boston on the Supreme Court's decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission on June 4.

Participated in a conference on “Taking the Measure of Where We Are Today” sponsored by the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University on May 18-19.

Participated in a colloquium on “Can a liberal society favor religion?” sponsored by First Things and the Institute on Religion and Public Life in New York on May 7.

Michael Risch

In the Media: Quoted by in “Skilled in the Art: Looking Back at the Anthony Kennedy Era in IP” on June 29.

In the Media: Quoted by Reuters in “Apple, Samsung settle U.S. patent dispute” on June 27.

In the Media: Quoted by Bloomberg News in “Apple, Samsung Declare Peace in Biggest Modern Tech Patent Fight” on June 27.

In the Media: Quoted by CNN in “Apple and Samsung settle their epic patent infringement battle” on June 27.

Presented “The Real World Value of Trade Secrets” at WIPO-CPIP IP School on June 25.

In the Media: Quoted by Ars Technica in “Why a 40-year-old SCOTUS ruling against software patents still matters today” on June 21.

In the Media: Quoted by CNNMoney in “In tech, patents are trophies—and these companies are dominating” on June 19.

In the Media: Quoted by Managing IP in “Calculating Design Patent Damages after Apple v. Samsung” on June 11.

Mary Ann Robinson

Published “Doing More with More: Innovations in Legal Writing to Achieve Practice-Readiness” in The Second Draft-An Online Publication of the Legal Writing Institute Volume 21, No. 1 with Professor Jessica Webb in spring 2018.

Presented “Business and Financial Literacy for Lawyers” at the 6th Biennial Conference on Teaching of Transactional Law and Skills at Emory University School of Law on June 2.

Chaim Saiman

Taught a short course on Jewish Law at Interdisciplinary Center Herzylia in Israel in May-June 2018.

Presented “The Domain of Private Law” at Tel Aviv University Private Law Theory Workshop on June 13.

Presented “The Domain of Private Law” at Faculty Workshop at Interdisciplinary Center Herzylia in Israel on June 12.

Presented “The Domain of Private Law” at the Private Law Theory Workshop at Hebrew University on June 4.