March - April 2018

Caitlin Barry

Presented “Clinical Perspectives on Changing Times” at Immigration Politics: Shifting Norms, Policies and Practices Symposium at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles on March 16.

Leslie Book

Published “Insights from Behavioral Economics Can Improve Administration of the EITC” in Virginia Law Review, co-authored with David Williams and Krista Holub in April 2018.

Presented “Meeting Taxpayers Where They Live” at the Critical Tax Conference at South Carolina Law School on April 13.

Presented “The Taxpayer Bill of Rights and Current Tax Controversies: Facebook Litigation Highlights Use of Taxpayer Rights in Tax Disputes” at United States Tax Court Judicial Conference at Northwestern University School of Law on March 26.

Richard Booth

Appointed as Research Member of the European Corporate Governance Institute on April 27.

Discussed "Delaware LLCs and Their Use by Michael Cohen as a Mode of Making Payments for Donald Trump" on Knowledge@Wharton (Channel 111 Sirius XM) on April 20.

Published “Sense and Nonsense about Securities Litigation” in Oxford Business Law Blog on April 19.

Andrew Brandt

Presented “The Money Line: Gaming, the Business of Sports, Sports Betting and the Supreme Court” to the offices of Duane Morris LLP in Philadelphia on April 26.

Presented “Is Sports Betting Coming to Iowa?” to Drake University Law School on March 5.

Delivered the keynote speech at Fordham Sports Law Forum’s 22nd Annual Symposium on March 2.

Doris Brogan

In the Media: Quoted by The Washington Post in “Why Fox News will probably not be penalized for airing a Seth Rich conspiracy theory” on March 14.

Michael Campbell

Planned and implemented the 2018 Matthew J. Ryan Law and Public Policy Forum “Creating and Facilitating Best Practice Alternatives to Jails and Prisons for Persons with Mental Illness” on March 16.

David Caudill

Organized a three-hour CLE program on “Scientific Evidence in the Courtroom” on March 29 at the Science History Institute in Philadelphia, in which he presented “Dirty Experts: Ethical Challenges Concerning, and a Comparative Perspective on, the Use of Consulting Experts."

Candace Centeno

Awarded the Support Center for Child Advocates 2018 Distinguished Advocate Award on April 18.

Appointed to serve on the 2019 AALS LWRR Program Committee.

Steven Chanenson

Presented “The New Science Behind Criminal Sentencing” at University of Missouri School of Law, where he also spoke to a sentencing class about sentencing commissions on March 8.

In a February 2018 decision on sentencing, the Pennsylvania Superior Court cited one of his articles.

Michelle Dempsey

Participated in the Analytic Legal Philosophy Conference at the University of Toronto on April 26-27.

In the Media: Quoted by CNN in “Why Bill Cosby's trial will be different this time” on April 6.

Presented “Practical Reasons and Rational Remainders" at a Festschrift for Professor of Law John Gardner, University of Oxford, England on March 15-16.

Published "The Volenti Maxim" in The Routledge Handbook of the Ethics of Consent in February 2018.

Appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Legal Education in January 2018.

Abraham Gafni

In the Media: Published “What Notice Is Required for Mandatory Employee Arbitration?” in The Legal Intelligencer on March 22.

Michael Moreland

Published “The Catholic Tradition on the Due Use of Medical Remedies: The Charlie Gard Case” (with John J. Paris, SJ and Brian M. Cummings) in Theological Studies Vol. 79.

Published “Strict Scrutiny, Compelling State Interests, and Religious Freedom (comment on Kathleen Brady, The Distinctiveness of Religion in American Law: Rethinking Religion Clause Jurisprudence (Cambridge University Press, 2015)) in Journal of Law and Religion Vol. 32.

Participated in the spring meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies, hosted by St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas on April 27-28.

Participated in a panel on “Faculty Unionization at Religiously-Affiliated Institutions” at the annual conference of the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions at the City University of New York on April 17.

Panelist on “Religious Freedom” at the Annual Civil Rights Symposium sponsored by the Civil and Equal Rights Committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Bar Institute in Philadelphia on April 12.

Participated in a workshop on Catholicism and the Common Good sponsored by the Luce Foundation at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh on April 5-7.

Led a post-oral argument “Courthouse Steps” teleforum on NIFLA v. Becerra sponsored by the Federalist Society’s Religious Liberties and Free Speech & Election Law Practice Groups on March 20.

Presented a paper on “Adjunct Faculty Unionization and Religiously Affiliated Universities” at a workshop on “Religion and the Administrative State” sponsored by the Study of the Administrative State, George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School on March 15-16.

Led a media preview teleconference on NIFLA v. Becerra sponsored by the Federalist Society Religious Liberties and Free Speech & Election Law Practice Groups, March 15.

Presented his paper “The Freedom of the Church and Religiously Affiliated Universities” on a panel on “Religious Universities and Professional Education: Positive Influence or Prejudicial Effect?” at the meeting of the European Academy of Religion, Bologna, Italy on March 8.

Served as a judge for the International Moot Court Competition in Law & Religion (in conjunction with the meeting of the European Academy of Religion), Bologna, Italy on March 6-7.

Presented remarks on David C. Schindler’s Freedom from Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty (University of Notre Dame Press, 2017) at a lunch round table sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Culture and the Constitutional Studies Minor, University of Notre Dame, Indiana on March 1.

Participated in a conference on “Faith and Party Realignment in America” sponsored by Baylor University in Washington, D.C. on March 22-24.

Michele Pistone

Presented the keynote remarks “Pope Francis: Theologian on Migration” at Francis: A Voice Crying Out to the World: Mercy, Justice, Love and Care for the Earth, Villanova University on April 14.

Presented “Big Ideas Talk: How YOU Can Help Immigrants” at the AshokaU Exchange on April 4.

Presented a guest lecture at Communications Leadership at Villanova University on March 15 and March 20.

Michael Risch

In the Media: Quoted by the National Law Journal in “Despite Status Quo in Oil States Decision, SCOTUS Shakes Up Patent Litigation” on April 25.

In the Media: Quoted in’s “Forget Oil States. It's Time to Get SAS-sy” on April 24.

Presented "Abstraction/Filtration/Comparison in Patent Law" at University of Pennsylvania Law School on April 19.

In the Media: Quoted by Intelligent Asset Management in “Oracle v Google rumbles on to a possible multi-billion-dollar payout and a place in the history books” on March 30.

Mary Ann Robinson

Presented “The Basics of Effective Meetings Using Robert's Rules of Order” at the Radnor League of Women Voters on March 13.

Chaim Saiman

Presented “The Halakhah of Jesus Trial: Scholarly Integrity and Communal Responsibility” at The Scholar and the Pew: Gaps and Bridges Between Scholarship and Community Leadership in Judaism and Christianity at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago on April 11.

Presented “Halakhah as a Template for Stateless Law” at the University of Pennsylvania Law School Gruss Conference on April 10.

In the Media: Interviewed by the Give & Take podcast in “The Talmudic Account of the Trial of Jesus” on March 27.

Served as an external reviewer for an article in Princeton University’s Jewish Studies Quarterly.

Selected to plan AALS Section on Jewish Law program for the 2019 conference.

Amy Spare
Presented as a panelist at NELLCO Symposium at Albany Capital Center on April 26.