Workplace Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention

Villanova’s Augustinian Catholic values call us to create a community based upon mutual love and respect. To ensure that all members of our community experience that respect, Villanova is committed to providing a work and educational atmosphere that is free of harassment and violence. Harassment and violence of any kind has no place in our community. It diminishes our ability to create an environment where each person's potential may be realized.

In active support of this commitment, all Villanova employees and volunteers must participate in either an online or live course designed to build awareness and understanding about different types of harassment and violence, how to prevent such behaviors in our workplaces, and how to respond to and support our students.

At Villanova, we take pride in the strength of our community and creating an environment that supports individual differences. The value of this educational undertaking cannot be overstated as we strive to live our Augustinian values each day.

 To access the training courses:

1. Go to

2. Click on the University seal, and log in with your Villanova username and password.

3. Click on Learn@Nova under “My Organizations” on the right side of your screen.

4. Click on Workplace Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention Training.

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Training Sessions for Faculty and Staff

To schedule a live training session, faculty and staff are invited to contact

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