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Hiring a Student Employee

Thank you for visiting the Student Hiring Manager employment page. We are excited to partner with you in the administration of the Student Employment Program at Villanova University. Please review the information below for important changes to the student employment hiring process.

Student employees (non-GAs) new to a position, or promoted to a different position (within the same department), with an effective date in the Spring semester (January-April) will receive pay increases at the beginning of the next Spring semester and each subsequent Spring semester thereafter.

Student employees new to a position, or promoted to a different position (within the same department), with an effective date in the Summer or Fall semester (May-December) will receive pay increases at the beginning of the next Fall semester and each subsequent Fall semester thereafter.

Increases will be determined by the year in a position as outlined in the student pay band schedule. The Human Resources department will process increases on a bi-annual basis at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters dependent on a student’s active position status in Banner. Beginning January 2017, departments will no longer be required to request increases for students returning to the same position at the same level, unless it is a seasonal position. If a student is not expected to return to work in the employing department, the department must submit to HR a Student Employee Status Update Form to end the student’s employment in that position.

Please be advised that promotion requests must be submitted using the Student Employee Status Update Form.

The student anniversary increase process does not apply to students participating in a Graduate Assistantship.

Facts for hiring student employees:

  • Student employees will be paid an hourly rate and are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters and 35 hours per week during the Summer semester and academic breaks to earn funds to help pay for their educational expenses. Departments with 40 hour workweeks may allow students to work up to 40 hours during breaks and the Summer semester.
  • Students must be approved to work by the Human Resources department before they begin working. We will no longer issue paper Work Authorization Cards. This process has been automated and managers will now receive an email notification when a student employee is authorized to begin working.
  • Supervisors and student employees are responsible for the accurate and timely submission of timesheets. Please visit the Payroll Office website to review deadlines for timesheet submission and procedures.
  • Students with work-study awards should receive priority hiring during the first two weeks of the semester. 

To ensure equal access of available employment opportunities, all student positions except in the instances listed below must be posted online. This process also ensures the efficient processing of student employment related paperwork. To post a position online, hiring managers must use the online employment system. If you do not have current student hiring manager access, please email the Human Resources department to request access.

Exceptions to online posting process:

  • Promotions within the same department 
  • Transfers within the same department 

All postings will be set to close at the end of the semester. Managers may choose to close postings from accepting applications prior to the semester end date, but postings can no longer be used after the semester has ended. This ensures all students are able to submit applications for positions that they may not have previously been eligible to work due to class schedules.

New to posting student positions? Please review the Student Job Posting Guide. Even if you have posted student positions online before, we still encourage you to review the newly updated guide.

Students who will not be returning to your department should have their employment record terminated either immediately after the decision is made or by the end of each semester to ensure that we maintain accurate student records. Students who work in the Spring semester, but will not be returning to a department in the Fall semester should be terminated at the end of the Spring semester. Beginning June 2017 and ongoing each subsequent year, all job records for students who have not been paid since December of the previous year will be terminated.

The Student Employee Status Update Form may be used for submitting increase, transfer, and promotion requests for student employees. Because all positions (exceptions listed above) are now required to be posted online, it is no longer necessary to submit this form for returning student employees new to your department, regardless of what department they worked in previously. Student employees who have previously worked on campus are expected to disclose this information on their application and we will determine based on this information if we require any additional paperwork from the student employee. 

As of Summer Semester 2021, the Student Stipend Form will no longer be accepted to process GA onboarding or stipend updates. This guide contains detailed information regarding the approved academic year rates, the Graduate Assistant pay schedule, and updates to the Graduate Assistant hiring process.

  • New Graduate Assistants: GAs must be onboarded by their College or department using the approved PeopleAdmin process. Once authorized to begin working, Graduate Assistants will receive information regarding the PA Act 153 background clearances.
  • Returning Graduate Assistants: All changes such as intra-departmental transfers, changing in funding sources or student status group, separations, and reactivations must be submitted using the Graduate Assistant Update Form.

New to posting student positions? Please review the Student Job Posting Guide. Even if you have posted student positions online before, we still encourage you to review the newly updated guide.

Student employees that continue to work for the summer after their graduation can be hired as temporary employees by utilizing a Personnel Action Form (PAF). If the assignment is expected to last May-August only, the employee is not required to complete clearances. If the duration of the assignment is expected to end after August 31st, the employee must complete clearances.


Please be advised that the transfer must be submitted using a PAF.

The Office of the Provost and Human Resources, in consultation with relevant offices, have developed general guidance regarding when students who are receiving payment for engaging in research or other University-related activities or experiences should be considered as Villanova employees or non-employees. Onboarding and payment processes will differ for employees, who are paid a salary, vs. non-employees, who are paid a stipend.

Students paid through Human Resources should be hired as employees using the process described in the Student Job Posting Guide.  Students determined to be non-employees can be paid through the Procurement Office using the Student Stipend Payment form


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