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Student Employment

Student employment opportunities enhance the academic experience and are an integral part of student life at Villanova University. This program offers numerous opportunities that benefit students and the University.

The Human Resources department is responsible for overseeing the student employment program at Villanova University. This includes working with hiring managers to post positions, assisting students in finding employment, and collaborating with departments in the administration of the student employment program.

Who to Contact:

Applying for Jobs, New Employee Paperwork, Employment Law Compliance, Employee Referrals, Pay Rates, Work-related Issues

Human Resources:

(610) 519-7900

Questions related to the Federal or State Work Study Programs

Office of Financial Assistance:

(610) 519-4010

Payroll Office:

Paycheck, Web-time Entry, Tax Regulations, W-4 Changes, Direct Deposit, W-2, and Timesheets

The University offers rewarding and flexible part-time employment to currently enrolled students. These opportunities allow students to obtain transferable skills, make new connections, and earn income while pursuing a college degree. Positions are available for work-study and non-work-study eligible students. To learn more about the Federal Work-Study Program and confirm eligibility or inquire about award status, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at (610) 519 – 4010.

Other Advantages of Student Employment

  • Flexible schedules to ensure ample class and study time
  • Most opportunities are conveniently located on campus. No vehicle or traveling required!
  • Competitive pay and increases
  • Develop professionally and learn skills that will help prepare you for an internship or career
  • Opportunities available related to degree or course work

To learn more about the student employment program’s procedures and policies, please review our comprehensive Student's Guide to Employment.

The Student Employment Program allows currently enrolled students, excluding University faculty and staff employees, to work up to 20 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters and 35 hours per week during the Summer semester and academic breaks to earn funds to help pay for their educational expenses. Departments with 40 hour workweeks may allow students to work up to 40 hours during breaks and the Summer semester.

If a student holds multiple jobs on campus, the hours restriction applies across all University student employment. That is, no student may work more than a total of 20 hours per week during academic periods cumulative between all University student jobs. The student employee is responsible for notifying their supervisor in each job of all other University student employment positions held, along with information regarding scheduled hours of work in each.


An "international student" is one that is not a United States citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) and requires a student visa (F-1 or J-1) to study in the United States. 

International students who are enrolled in classes have the opportunity to work on campus during the academic year. Students are able to work on campus 20 hours per week during the Spring and Fall semesters and 35 hours per week during the break periods and Summer semester. Departments with 40 hour workweeks can allow students to work up to 40 hours during breaks and the summer semester.

Those who are tuition scholars or graduate assistants should contact the International Student Office BEFORE seeking additional positions on campus. Please note: International students may NOT work off campus UNLESS they have authorization to do so. To review the additional guidelines required for international students, please visit the International Student Services website.

For any additional questions related to employment requirements for international students, please call the International Student Services Office: 610-519-4095 or 610-519-8017.

All currently available student jobs are posted on the following website: Applications must be submitted online and new employee paperwork must be completed prior to beginning a position. Please visit our Applicant FAQ’s to find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Need assistance with writing a resumes? Please refer to the "How to Write a Winning Resume" guide. For additional resources, please visit the University Career Center website

There are a variety of off-campus positions that are available only to eligible Federal Work-Study students who are Pennsylvania residents. Students from all programs of study will be placed in public interest jobs with non-profit organizations, which must be located in Pennsylvania and approved as participating employers.

To learn more about off-campus employment opportunities, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance: (610) 519-4010

Charles Widger School of Law students should contact (610) 519-7015 to inquire about the process of obtaining an off-campus employment opportunity.

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