Workplace Violence Policy

Villanova University seeks to provide a safe workplace for all employees. To ensure a safe workplace, and to reduce the risk of violence, all employees should review and understand all provisions outlined below:

Prohibited Conduct

The University does not tolerate any type of workplace violence committed by or against employees. Employees are prohibited from making threats or engaging in violent activities. This list of behaviors, while not inclusive, provides examples of conduct that is prohibited.

  • Physically assaulting, attacking or otherwise intentionally causing physical injury to another person with whom you interact in connection with your employment
  • Making threatening or intimidating remarks
  • Aggressive or hostile behavior that creates a reasonable fear of injury to another person
  • Intentionally damaging or threatening to damage University property or property of another employee
  • Possession or concealment of a weapon while on University property or while on University business, including bringing a weapon of any type onto campus

Reporting Procedures

Any potentially dangerous situations should be reported immediately to a supervisor, Public Safety, or the Human Resources office. Reports can be made anonymously. Reports or incidents warranting confidentiality will be handled appropriately, and information will be disclosed to others only on a need-to-know basis.


Any employee who violates any of the prohibitions stated above will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, and may be subject to criminal prosecution. Non-employees engaged in violent acts on University property will be reported to the proper authorities. The University’s Department of Public Safety is responsible for campus security. Therefore, all criminal activity or other safety concerns should be reported to Public Safety.