Naming University Assets and Accepting of Conditional Gifts of University Assets

Since its founding in 1842, Villanova University has accumulated a significant number of historic, important and valuable assets. As steward and custodian of these assets, the University is obliged to manage them carefully. Consistent with that obligation, the University must be vigilant about how assets are used and recognized, what criteria should be applied to the acceptance of newly donated assets, and how asset management serves the larger interests of the University community and the public at large.

The decision to name a University asset shall ordinarily be made after critical and measured consideration in accordance with procedures spelled out in the Guidelines to this Policy. No University area, college, unit, employee or constituent is authorized to name any University asset or to affix a plaque, title, or inscription to any University asset without prior approval of the President, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees or the University’s Board of Trustees as appropriate under the Guidelines.

The University reserves the right to exercise its discretion and best judgment in making decisions under this Policy. In all respects, the University retains ownership and control over its assets and reserves the unfettered right to determine if a suggested naming or conditional gift would be in the best interests of Villanova University.

* naming_assets_aug2009.pdf
Guidelines for Naming University Assets
* namingnomination.pdf
Nomination for for Naming University Assets