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Use of University Property


The University's main switchboard number is (610) 519-4500.  However, every telephone extension can be dialed directly from the outside by using the extension number with the (610) area code and the prefix "519".  When calling from one employee telephone to another within the system, simply use 9 and the four-digit extension number. To reach an outside line from within the University, dial 8 first and then the number.

All calls, local and long distance, made from your extension are charged to your department's budget. Use of University phones, including University owned cell phones, for a personal reason is discouraged, except in case of emergencies. Employees making frequent and/or lengthy personal calls may be charged for the cost of such calls and may also be subject to disciplinary action. Additionally, cell phones, whether personally owned or University owned, should not be used while driving on campus.  The University also strongly discourages the use of cell phones while driving off campus, particularly for University business.  

For more information, or for instructional materials regarding the University’s telephone or Voice Mail system, please visit UNIT’s Phone Support page

Copy and Fax Machines

In the course of your work, you may have occasion to use copying machines.  Please be aware that the copyright laws of the United States impose certain limitations on reproducing copyrighted material.  You may obtain additional guidance on this important matter from the Graphic Services department at extension 9-4470.

The use of University copy machines or fax machines for personal reasons is only permitted with permission from your supervisor.

Computing, Electronic Mail and Internet Policies

Your work may involve the use of computers and related software.  You may not use University computers, printers, or computer supplies for personal use unless you obtain permission from your supervisor.  The policies of the Office of Information Technologies (UNIT) are available in full here

The full text of the following University policies may be viewed by following the links below, or are available from UNIT by calling extension 9-4400. Violations of these policies may result in restriction of access to the University's computer system and/or disciplinary action: