Performance Appraisal Policy



The performance appraisal provides a means for discussing, planning and reviewing the performance of each staff employee.

Regular performance appraisals:

  • Help staff employees clearly define and understand their responsibilities.
  • Provide criteria by which staff employees’ performance will be evaluated.
  • Suggest ways in which staff employees can improve performance.
  •  Help supervisors plan, distribute and achieve departmental goals.
  • Provide a fair basis for awarding compensation based on merit.


All full- and part-time regular staff employees are eligible for a performance appraisal.  Supervisors are required to evaluate their eligible employees’ performance on an annual basis. Employees represented by a collective bargaining agreement will have their performance evaluated according to the terms outlined in the contract.


Performance review schedule

Performance appraisals are conducted on an annual focal cycle. Employees will receive a performance review on the established focal date each year. Additional information will be provided on the Human Resources Performance Management website.

Performance reviews—salary increases

A performance review does not always result in an automatic salary increase. Salary increases and adjustments are made according to the Implementing Changes to an Employee’s Status, Salary Band, or Pay Policy.


The format provided by HR will be used, and the completed evaluation will be retained in the employee’s personnel file consistent with the University Records Retention Policy, either electronically or in paper copy.

The performance evaluation will be discussed and acknowledged by both the employee and the supervisor to ensure that all strengths, areas for improvement and goals for the next review period are clearly communicated.

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