New Position Approval Policy

The purpose of this policy is to specify the required approvals associated with adding new positions at the University. This policy applies to full-time faculty positions (both tenure-track and non-tenure-track positions), and to both full-time and part-time staff positions.

All requests for new positions of the types described above must be approved by the Vice President that is responsible for the department in which the position will work. Additional approvals which are required for faculty and staff positions are described below.

Departments seeking to fill vacant positions which are already part of the University budget do not need to obtain approval from the Administrative Budget Committee (ABC) to hire for the position. (For staff positions, if the position description has not changed since it was previously occupied, hiring managers would first create a staff position posting on the People Admin system with the relevant information regarding the open position and send to Human Resources for review. Human Resources will determine an appropriate hiring range for the position based on job band and budget, and the position is then sent to the Budget Office to verify that the hiring range is within the amount budgeted for the position. If the hiring range is appropriate given the budget, the position is sent to the appropriate Department Head and Vice President for approval for posting.)

Departments seeking to fill positions which are not already part of the University budget need to obtain approval from the Administrative Budget Committee (ABC) to hire for such positions. (For staff positions, prior to submitting a position for formal approval, a job description must be submitted to Human Resources so that the position is assigned a salary band, and so that a recommended hiring range is developed.) The department which is seeking to hire the position must develop a plan for how the position is to be funded. The job description and funding plan must be submitted to the Budget Office along with a “New Position Request Form”, through the Vice President responsible for the department in which the position will work. The Budget Office will review the documents and determine if the position can be brought forward to the ABC. If the position is determined to be ready to be brought forward to the ABC, the Budget Office will notify the originating department regarding the timing of when the ABC will review the position. Depending on the point in the University’s budget cycle at which a position is submitted to the Budget Office, there could be a significant amount of time before the ABC is able to consider the position for approval. Positions cannot be advertised and job offers cannot be made prior to all required approvals being obtained, and positions cannot begin prior to the date approved by the ABC (typically, June 1st of the next budget year).

For new positions that will be funded through the reallocation of existing expense budgets (either through the cancellation of existing positions, or through the reallocation of non-salary expense budgets to salary), ABC review and approval will be required only if the new position results in a net increase in employee headcount. A proposed new position funded through the reallocation of existing expense budgets does not require ABC review and approval if the proposal results in a decrease in headcount, or if headcount remains the same. Departments which propose funding new positions through expense reallocation must also provide funding for the estimated benefits costs associated with the position(s) (30% of salary for full-time positions, and 10% of salary for part-time positions).

ABC approval is required for all new positions that will result in an increase in employee headcount, regardless if they are funded by entrepreneurial program income, endowment, non-endowed fundraising, the reallocation of existing expense budgets, or new funding requested from the ABC. The only exception to the requirement that all increases in headcount be approved by the ABC is for positions that are 100% funded by research grants. In these instances, it is required that the job posting and offer letter clearly state that employment is contingent on grant funding, and that the position will be discontinued in the event that grant funding is discontinued.

New positions pertaining to a new program (e.g., an entrepreneurial program) must be included in the overall proposal to establish the new program. After the ABC has approved a new program, when a department seeks to fill a position that was included in the approved proposal, no additional approval from the ABC is required, as long as the positions being posted are identical to the positions that were contained in the approved proposal. In other words, for approved programs that contain a hiring plan based on the program’s growth, the ABC will not require additional approvals for planned headcount increases that were included in the hiring plan, as the program matures, as long as enrollment and revenue targets are met. In instances where enrollment and revenue targets are not met, hiring may not be permitted, even though it was part of the approved program proposal.