Jury Duty

Summary of Jury Duty Leave:

Jury Duty leave is available with pay, when a faculty/staff member is summoned for jury duty on either the local or federal jury duty level.

Description of Jury Duty Leave:

If a faculty/staff member is summoned for jury duty, the University encourages their participation.  Faculty/staff members will receive regular pay for any regularly scheduled work hours during which they serve as a juror.

Eligibility for Jury Duty Leave:

All full-time and part-time faculty/staff members are eligible for jury duty leave.

How to Apply for Jury Duty Leave:

As soon as the faculty/staff member receives a summons, they should present a copy to their department head/supervisor. 

Impact on Salary and Benefits:

Upon their return to work, faculty/staff members must provide a copy of the certificate of attendance from the summoning court to their deparment head/supervisor. Failure to provide a copy of the certificate may result in the application of available vacation time, or non-payment for the period of the leave, if vacation time is not available.

 All benefits for which the faculty/staff member is enrolled will continue as if they are actively at work.


Note:  The provisions of all benefits described on the Human Resources web pages are stated for summary purposes only. The terms of the Plan Document or insurance policy govern. The University retains the exclusive authority to construe the terms of the programs described and to determine whether a faculty/staff member is eligible for benefits under any program. The University further reserves the right to amend or terminate any policy or benefit plan at any time with or without notice.