Job Posting Policy


A search must be conducted when hiring every staff or faculty position, whether a newly-created or vacant full time or part time position.  Searches should be managed by posting open positions using our Online Hiring System (PeopleAdmin’s Applicant Tracking System).  Newly-created positions must be approved by the Budget Committee in advance of the position being posted; please refer to the “Creation of New Positions” policy on the budget office's website for additional details.

As a federal contractor, Villanova University has an Affirmative Action Plan which is overseen by the University's Affirmative Action Officer in the Office of Human Resources. Villanova is committed to insure that every job search reaches a broad audience and attracts a diverse and highly qualified applicant pool. 

Under extraordinary circumstances, there may be a need to hire without a search. A request for a waiver of search must be made via email to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer. The AAO will review and make a determination based on the circumstances surrounding the position vacancy.

Posting Process

Hiring managers may initiate the recruiting process for existing staff positions as soon as the incumbent gives notice that they are leaving the University, if the position will be posted using the same job description as used for the prior incumbent. If the job description will be changing, please refer to the Implementing Changes to an Employee’s Status, Salary Band or Pay policy, Evaluation of a Vacant Position, for guidelines to follow prior to posting.

Postings can be created by logging into using the Villanova email user name and password. New users to the system should contact Human Resources to obtain access to the hiring system. Training and assistance will be provided to system users by the Human Resources department.

Faculty positions will be posted using the guidelines provided in the Faculty Recruitment Handbook.


To insure that all job postings reach a diverse and qualified audience, all open positions will be advertised using job posting boards that are most appropriate for the position. Human Resources contracts with several major advertising job boards and diversity sites and will post every posting on the appropriate job board(s).

Specialized advertising may be appropriate for some job postings. Human Resources will provide guidance on advertising copy, and will obtain price quotes and manage placement of advertising on specialized job boards as requested. The hiring department’s budget is responsible for the cost of this advertising.  Hiring managers are welcome to post announcements regarding job openings on association or discipline-specific job boards where they maintain a membership.

All advertising will clearly indicate that applications are only accepted online and each ad should provide the link to the specific posting to insure applicants are directed to the appropriate location. Each ad must also include the University’s mission and diversity statement noted below:

Diversity and inclusion have been and will continue to be an integral component of Villanova University's mission. The University is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action employer and seeks candidates who understand, respect and can contribute to the University's mission and values.

Changes to Live Postings

Faculty and staff job postings will follow a pre-defined approval process in the system which provides an audit trail. Once a posting starts through the approval queue, only the next approver or Human Resources can make changes to the posting.

Once a posting is available for applicants, any request to make a change to the information in the posting will be evaluated to determine if the change represents a material change to the job that is posted. If the change is minor, Human Resources will update the posting language and may contact applicants to give them the option to withdraw based on the revised wording.  If the change represents a change to essential job functions or qualifications, the posting will be canceled in the system and must be re-created by the hiring manager using the revised, approved job description. Human Resources will notify applicants of the reposted position and advise them they must re-apply if they wish to be considered.


Only those who apply directly to a posting in the on-line hiring system will be considered as an applicant for an open position. Interested parties who make general inquiries via phone or who mail or email materials to the University will be directed to submit an on-line application and upload all relevant materials as indicated in the posting.

Current and former employees are required to apply on-line in order to be considered for a posted position.  To qualify for a transfer or promotion via a job posting, the employee must be actively at work and have completed at least one year of service in their present position, and have a satisfactory work record. This requirement may be waived with the approval of the employee’s supervisor and the Human Resources office. Internal applications should be reviewed and considered, however there is no requirement that internal candidates must be interviewed or selected if they do not meet the qualifications of the position.

Hiring managers are strongly encouraged to review applications on a regular basis as they are submitted and disqualify those that do not meet minimum qualifications as the application is reviewed.  Interviews are scheduled and conducted by the hiring department.  Any applicant who is interviewed via phone, Skype, or in-person should be marked as “Interviewed”.

Hiring managers must conduct reference checks for their finalists. For internal candidates, hiring managers should contact a management team member from Human Resources for information regarding the last performance review.

Hiring managers are responsible for updating the status of all applicants prior to proceeding with offers of employment.

Offer and Background Check

All offers of employment are based upon successful completion of background screening checks. When ready to move forward on a final candidate, the hiring manager must complete the Hiring Recommendation Form and start it through the approval queue. Once approved, the hiring manager will receive an acknowledging email and they may then make the verbal offer to their finalist, contingent on a satisfactory background check. After this contingent offer has been accepted, the hiring manager should contact the Employment Analyst in Human Resources who will initiate the background check process with the applicant.

Expenses for Applicants Traveling to Campus

At the discretion of the area Vice President and subject to budget availability, applicants for staff positions who have been invited to campus for an interview may be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses associated with transportation and an overnight stay, as needed.

For Faculty hires, please follow the guidelines in the Faculty Recruitment Handbook.

Relocation Expenses for Newly Hired Employees

At the discretion of the area Vice President and subject to budget availability, relocation assistance may be offered to newly hired staff employees at the Director level and above.

For Faculty hires, please follow the guidelines in the Faculty Recruitment Handbook.