Personnel Files

The University collects and retains information about individual employees for valid business, regulatory, or legal purposes.  Employees are allowed access to the materials in their personnel files in accordance with state law, provided reasonable advance request to the Human Resources office is made.
If you would like to view your own personnel file, call the Human Resources office to schedule an appointment. Human Resources will generally require no more than three (3) business days’ notice before the appointment can be held. Contents of personnel files are the property of the University. Therefore, requests for copies will be denied.
It is important that your personnel records be kept up-to-date, especially for payroll and benefits purposes. Notify Human Resources if you have a change in any of the following:

  • name or marital status
  • address or telephone number
  • the names and telephone numbers of the person(s) to contact in the case of an emergency
  • beneficiaries (for life insurance and/or pension).

Employees should notify the Payroll office if they wish to change number of dependents or exemptions for Tax withholding.

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