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Employment Verification and Release of Information

Effective November 10, 2020, requests must be accompanied by a signed authorization, no more than 30-days from original date of signature, from the individual authorizing the University to verify this information.

Villanova University will verify employment information in writing only. Verification requests may be faxed to Human Resources at (610) 519-6667. Requests must include an email address for the return of completed verifications. Please expect a turnaround time of up to 2 business days for employment verifications.

Villanova University will re-verify only the following information by telephone, after receiving authorization from the employee or former employee: 1) active employment status 2) inactive employment status 3) no employment record.

Human Resources will verify only information relating to dates of employment, job title, and salary. Unless legally compelled, Human Resources will not provide information such as eligibility for rehire, reason for leaving, or performance evaluation information. It is Villanova’s policy to protect the confidentiality of information concerning current and former employees.

Occasionally, there are requests for an employee’s or former employee’s personal information such as home address, telephone number, etc. from external entities as well as from internal departments of the University. This type of information is released only to the Office of Public Safety.