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Emergency Closing or Late Opening/Early Closing

At times the weather in our area may affect normal patterns of travel. This presents a challenge to the University to accommodate its operating needs, while still being sensitive to employees’ problems in meeting their travel requirements. In certain cases of severe inclement weather, the University may decide to suspend normal operations or open late. When the number code is broadcast signifying that the University is “closed,” it means classes are cancelled, faculty need not report, and non-essential staff personnel are released from the obligation to report. If a late opening is announced, employees are required to report at the announced later time. Exceptions to the aforementioned circumstances are noted below.

When The University Has Announced That It Is Closed

When the University is announced as “closed” and all classes are canceled for the day, non-essential staff employees will be excused from work and will be paid their normal rate of pay. Non-essential employees who are not required to report, but who report because they reasonably were not aware of a closing announced in the early morning hours, would then be sent home and paid their normal pay plus a two hour “reporting bonus.”

Non-exempt employees in certain classifications and positions who are designated as “essential” personnel may be required to remain on duty or to report for work. In these cases, they will be paid snow premium pay at twice their regular rate of pay for the applicable hours worked, except that there will be no “pyramiding” of overtime pay. To qualify for this assignment and snow premium pay, the designation of these employees as “essential” must be pre-approved by the department head and the Associate Vice President of Human Resources or his/her designee. Some employees and/or positions have been identified and approved in advance in the steam plant, health center, dining services, maintenance, grounds, custodial services and public safety.

When the University is “closed,” employees who are required to remain on duty for more than a double shift or who must remain on campus beyond a consecutive period of sixteen hours, will be provided meals at no charge or will be reimbursed for reasonable meal costs with the presentation of a receipt. The department head and the Associate Vice President of Human Resources or his/her designee must approve any use of commercial sleeping accommodations at University expense.

When The University Opens Late Or Closes Early

When the University announces a delayed opening, the first class (on Tuesday and Thursday) or first two classes (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) are canceled.

In situations where the University announces a delayed opening, essential personnel will be paid snow premium pay for the time from their arrival for the start of their normal shift in which the delayed opening occurred until the university opens.

Non-essential employees who report at the announced later start time and complete their normal shift will receive their regular day’s pay for the shortened day. When a delayed opening is announced, and an employee arrives early, the employee may be released by the supervisor early. This is to be done in hour blocks based on the number of hours early that the employee reported.

In situations where the University dismisses all employees early, the appropriate pay provisions (non-exempt or exempt) for employees who are required by their supervisors to remain at work, will be in effect.

Individual departments are not authorized to dismiss employees from their areas early nor approve late reporting. When no general late start or early dismissal have been announced, the department head/supervisor with appropriate Vice President approval, may allow individuals to report late or to leave early, but the hours of absence must be charged to vacation or leave without pay, in that order. Employees must also follow departmental call-out procedures; failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

When The University Is Not Closed

When the University is open, employees will be expected to make a good faith effort to report to work on time despite adverse weather conditions. If despite their good faith effort, non-essential employees who do not report for work, come in late or who request to leave early will have their absence charged to vacation or leave without pay, in that order, upon approval from their department head / supervisor and the appropriate Vice President. Departmental call-out procedures must also be followed; failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Use Of Paid Sick Time

The use of sick time is not allowed for time not worked as relating to reasons of adverse weather. When an employee reports an illness for a period where there appears to have been some degree of adverse weather conditions, the University may require the employee to submit documentation for any and all absences claimed under sick leave for that period of time.

School Closing Or Delay Announcement

The announcement concerning closing or delayed opening is normally made on the University snow and emergency number (610-519-4505), the Villanova School of Law snow and emergency number (610-519-7744), the voice mailboxes of University telephones, and KYW Radio 1060 AM by 6:30 a.m. Announcements can also be found on the Villanova website. However, in the case of an announced delayed opening, if the situation should worsen and if a subsequent decision is made to cancel classes and close the University, a closing announcement normally would be made by 8:30 a.m. Villanova faculty, staff and students are therefore advised to recheck the announcement on a regular basis until 8:30 a.m., prior to departing for school/work.

Employees are strongly encouraged to sign up for Nova Alert and receive an email and/or phone text message alerting them of any weather related school closures or any emergency notifications on campus.

Evening class closure announcements will be made in the same manner, normally prior to 2:00 p.m. An evening class closure announcement does not necessarily mean the University is closed. Employees may still be required to remain on duty or to report for work; employees with questions about this must confer with their supervisor.

KYW does not mention school names, using instead a number identification system.  Villanova’s identification numbers on KYW are:

Identification Numbers University Programs
528 Full-time Undergraduate Day School
524 Evening programs: Part-time Studies, Continuing Education on campus, and Graduate Programs for the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing and Villanova School of Business.
471 Villanova School of Law
2471 Graduate Tax Program