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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the jobs posted online open to all students? All students actively enrolled at Villanova University may apply for student positions at the following website: Students may also search/apply for jobs online through the “Student” tab in My NOVA.

How much will I be paid? Students are paid an equitable wage rate based on the requirements and responsibilities of the position. The hourly rate for each position is listed in the job posting.

Is there a weekly maximum on the number of hours I can work? Yes - students are permitted to work no more than 20 hours per week across all jobs. If you are employed in more than one department, please be sure to update your managers on your weekly availability for all jobs worked. During academic breaks and the summer, students are allowed to work 35 hours per week. Departments with 40 hour workweeks may allow students to work up to 40 hours during breaks and the summer.

How can I find out more information about off-campus employment opportunities? Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at (610) 519-4010 to learn more about the off-campus employment program. 

Can international students work on campus? Yes – international students may work on-campus and should contact the Office of International Students at (610) 519-8017 to learn more about the requirements.

Am I allowed to change jobs during the academic semester? Yes – students are allowed to obtain new positions or resign from current positions as desired.

I was offered a job; what am I required to do next?

If you have never worked on campus before, the HR department will send you an email with information to complete the new hire paperwork online. The forms can be completed online by visiting the "New Hire Paperwork/Process for Student Employees" website. You are not permitted to begin working until after this paperwork is complete. This is to ensure the timely processing of your employment records and paycheck. Once the paperwork is complete and you have visited the HR department, the HR department will send an email to you and your hiring manager with approval for you to begin working.

What forms do I need to bring to the HR department to complete Form I-9?

You will need to bring one original document from List A, OR one original document from List B and List C. We cannot accept any copies of identification documents. This is a federal rule and there will be no exceptions. Please ensure that you have all documents in your possession prior to visiting the HR department.  International students will also need to bring the following documents to the HR department:

1.      Original Unexpired foreign passport

2.      Original US Visa

3.      I-94 form downloaded from USCIS website

4.      Original I-20 form

5.      Original Social Security Card

To learn more about the Form I9 requirements, please visit the following link:

I do not have the documents needed to complete Form I9 with me on campus; what should I do?

Please speak with your parent/guardian about the possibility of having the documents mailed to you. The Mail Services website provides helpful information about receiving mail on campus:

Please be advised that if you are unable to present the original documents, you will not be allowed to work in a student employment position.

What should I claim on my Form W-4 for withholdings? The Human Resources department is not permitted to provide tax advice. Please consult with your parent/guardian and/or tax advisor on any tax related questions prior to visiting the HR department to complete new employee paperwork. 

When will I be paid? Provided that all of your new hire paperwork is complete and was submitted to the HR department and approved, you will be paid according to the payroll schedule. Please be sure to submit timesheets to your supervisors by the deadlines listed to ensure that you are paid on time.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my paycheck? Please contact the Payroll Office at (610) 519-4262.

How do I submit my timesheets? Please contact the Payroll Office for information on submitting timesheets.

I need to resign from my student job; what is the process?

Please inform your manager and they will submit the necessary paperwork to the Human Resources department.

Annual Security Report

Annual Security Report

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report contains information about Villanova University's security policies and procedures and crime statistics for the three most recent calendar years. A hard copy is also available upon request through Villanova's Department of Human Resources; contact us at 610-519-7900 if you would like to request a copy.