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New Hire Paperwork Process for Student Employees

Please note:

  • You will receive an email notification sent from Human Resources if you must complete the requirements below. 
  • To ensure safe social-distancing, we are not accepting walk-ins at this time; please follow the directions emailed to you in order to schedule an appointment to visit our office.
  • Links to the forms can be found in the Required Forms for Students section on this page.
  • Please complete the Form I-9 online and bring original I-9 identification and employment authorization documents with the employment forms below to your appointment with us.
  • All forms must be signed by hand. Electronic signatures are not accepted.
  • Please do not begin working until after you have visited the Human Resources Office and completed these employment requirements.

Required Forms for Students

  1. Form I-9 To complete this electronic Form I-9, employees must visit and enter Employer Code: 21047. If you need additional information regarding completing the I-9 online, you may view the quick reference guide

    You are required to present original forms of acceptable identification to the HR department as outlined on Form I-9. IDs must be original; copies or scans of IDs cannot be used.

    Click here for a list of acceptable I-9 identification and employment authorization documents. According to USCIS Guidelines, you may present one document from List A, or a combination of one document from List B with one document from List C

  2. 2021 Form W-4 Please use your permanent home address. The Human Resources department does not provide tax advice. Please consult with a parent/guardian and/or tax advisor if you have questions about this form.
  3. Pennsylvania Residency Certification Form Please use your permanent home address if you live on campus. Please use your local off-campus address if you do not live on campus. 
  4. Worker's Compensation Employee Notification Please review and sign with original handwritten signature. 
  5. Direct Deposit Request Form The completion of this form is recommended, but not required. Please review the Student's Guide to Employment to find out about the process of obtaining a paper paycheck on campus.
  6. New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland Resident Form (if applicable)

Please note that the Payroll Office is unable to process your payment until you have completed the forms listed above and have visited the Human Resources department with the required documentation. Thank you!



Please visit the Payroll Office's website to learn about important payroll deadlines.

Payroll Department deadlines


If you have any questions regarding this process, please call 610-519-7900 or email Amanda McDonnell. The Human Resources Office is located at:

The Villanova Center
789 Lancaster Avenue, Suite 260,
Villanova PA, 19085