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Tuition Exchange

Important Information Regarding Tuition Exchange Application Process

The application and re-certification process with Tuition Exchange (TE) is an on-line process. Please visit the TE website to learn more and review the EZ-App How to Guide or view the Tuition Exchange Family Brochure for more information.

New Students

To apply for a TE scholarship for the upcoming academic year, please visit the TE website for instructions on completing the EZ application. The deadline to apply is October 1, the year prior to your expected college start date. 

Continuing Scholars

Faculty and staff no longer need to complete a hard copy application if your child is currently using a tuition exchange scholarship. This information is already stored online and with the institution that has granted the scholarship. Human Resources will monitor eligibility directly from the TE website.

The University is a member of a national consortium of over 600 colleges and universities called the Tuition Exchange (TE). This program allows the dependent children of full-time employees to apply for scholarships not available to the general public at other member institutions. The value of these scholarships varies from institution to institution, but the consortium annually sets a minimum scholarship value. Member institutions whose tuition is greater than the minimum are required to offer at least that minimum for consortium membership; schools whose tuition is less than the set minimum generally offer full tuition, although some choose to include room and/or board as an incentive for students to apply.

The number of TE slots available to employees each year is based on Villanova’s credit balance within the consortium. Therefore, it is possible that there will be a limit on the number of employees who can use the program from year to year. Similarly, neither the acceptance at member institutions nor the award of Tuition Exchange is guaranteed under the TE program. For this reason, parents are encouraged to view TE as one of their many options in funding their child’s education, rather than their sole option.

For dependent children, no tuition exchange will be extended beyond the fall semester of the calendar year in which they turn age 23. An employee’s biological, legally adopted or step children must be claimed as tax dependents in order to be eligible for tuition exchange. The HR department reserves the right to ask for redacted copies of tax forms to confirm eligibility.





TE eligibility is based on an employee’s years of continuous full-time service. Minimum eligibility requires at least five (5) years of continuous full time service before September 1st of the year in which the tuition exchange benefit is to be used. For full-time employees who had prior part-time service, the adjusted date of hire will be used to determine eligibility. Current eligibility is based on the following schedule:

Years of Service Years of Tuition Exchange Eligibility
5 2
10 4
15 6
20 8
 25 10
30 12

Under this program applications are due by the October 1st prior to the September 1st of anticipated entry. Full details on the parameters of the program and the eligibility and application criteria are available from the office of Human Resources at extension 9-7900.


In the case of the death of an employee who has completed ten years of continuous service, the dependent children will continue to be eligible for the tuition exchange benefit on the same basis as if the employee were alive. In the case of the death of both the employee and spouse, the children will continue to be eligible for tuition exchange. The amount of TE eligibility will be based on the years accrued as of the date of death of the employee.

For any employee who has completed ten or more years of continuous service, and becomes disabled and is approved for coverage under the University’s long term disability program, the eligible dependent children will continue to be eligible for tuition exchange up to the amount accrued as of the date of disability.

University retirees eligible dependent children as of the date of retirement continue to be eligible for tuition exchange benefits upon the employee’s retirement from the University. For purpose of this section, the term "retires" means leaves the employ of the University either under a University authorized early retirement program or at a time when the eligible employee is entitled to draw social security retirement benefits upon separation from employment. The fact that an eligible employee may be vested in any of the University's pension plans at the time an eligible employee separates from employment does not constitute a retirement under this section.

If you move from a part time to a full time position, HR will calculate an adjusted date of hire that will be used for tuition, retirement eligibility and vacation entitlement. If you previously worked for Villanova and were rehired, previous service may be applied to retirement plan eligibility.

Click here to learn more about the Tuition Exchange consortium and for a list of participating institutions. For further information regarding the Tuition Exchange program, review the Villanova University Tuition Exchange Guidelines.