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Vacation for Part-Time Employees

The University recognizes the dedication and commitment of its part-time staff, and grants paid vacation to part time employees who are regularly scheduled to work 1,000 hours or more per year.

As of the January 1st following the employee's date of hire, the vacation entitlement is as follows:

Years of Service Vacation Entitlement
January 1 of the year after the employee's hire date
One week *
January 1 of the year after the employee reaches five (5) years of service Two weeks *

* A week is defined as the number of hours an employee is regularly scheduled to work in a pay week.

  • Vacation time of less than one day is recorded in hourly blocks, with a minimum of one hour. If you are on a planned vacation period and become ill, you are still charged for the vacation time which you had originally planned. Similarly, if you were on a planned vacation period when the University closes for weather or other emergency reasons, you are still charged for the vacation time which you had originally planned.
  • Vacation must be approved in advance by the employee's direct supervisor and requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled vacation or in accordance with the departmental policy. Vacation schedules within a department are generally arranged according to the needs of the department, seniority, and employee preference and approval is subject to the business needs of the department.
  • If you do not use all of your vacation in a year, the unused vacation time is lost. If you end your employment with the University, you will be paid a pro-rated share of the vacation allotment based on the number of full months you worked for the University during the year minus the number of days actually taken. When you terminate your employment, unused vacation days will be paid per the formula above except in three instances: failure to give two week's notice of a resignation; less than one year of service as of the date of termination; or certain discharge situations.

If you move from a part time to a full time position, HR will calculate an adjusted date of hire that will be used for tuition, retirement eligibility and vacation entitlement. If you previously worked for Villanova and were rehired, previous service may be applied to retirement plan eligibility.

Note: The provisions of all benefits described on the Human Resources web pages are stated for summary purposes only. The University retains the exclusive authority to construe the terms of the programs described and to determine whether an employee is eligible for benefits under any program. The University further reserves the right to amend or revoke any policy or plan at any time with or without notice.