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Paid Sick Leave and Disability for Full-Time Employees

Sick leave entitlement for full-time staff employees is based on a credit of 12 days per year on each January 1st, to cover absences for illness or injury. A prorated number of days are granted on the date of hire for the year of hire and upon return to work after some unpaid leaves of absence. Accumulated credits may be carried over from year to year. Paid sick leave is provided for approved absence needed for personal illness or injury, and up to four days of the annual sick leave allotment may be used in any year for unanticipated emergencies, such as the care of ill members of the immediate family. Please Note: Unused accumulated sick time is not paid out if you end your employment with the University.

Extended Absences - STD and LTD

For extended absences where the initial date of disability begins the first of the month following date of hire, the Short Term Disability program pays 70% of the regular salary when a personal illness or injury requires absence from work in excess of ten (10) working days, up to a maximum of one hundred eighty (180) days. Sick and vacation time, if available, can be used to offset the other 30% of salary.

The Long Term Disability program provides 60% of base salary (for those who qualify), to a maximum benefit of $11,500 per month, for extended absences (which exceed six months) as needed. This plan integrates with Social Security Disability and any other employer-sponsored disability or retirement plans.

Under both the STD and LTD programs, participation in the University’s medical and dental plans may be continued on the same basis as active employees for up to two years from the LTD approval date, after which the coverage may be continued under the provisions of COBRA.

Coverage under both the Short Term Disability and the Long Term Disability programs is excluded if a disability occurs within the first year of employment as a result of a pre-existing condition for which the employee was treated, diagnosed or sees a physician for in the three months prior to the employee's most recent effective date of coverage.

Unpaid leaves for reasons covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act are also available under separate University policy.

Note: The provisions of all benefits described on the Human Resources web pages are stated for summary purposes only. The University retains the exclusive authority to construe the terms of the programs described and to determine whether an employee is eligible for benefits under any program. The University further reserves the right to amend or revoke any policy or plan at any time with or without notice.