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The description of the University's benefit programs is only a summary and is not meant to be a controlling legal document or contract of employment between the employee and the University. If any questions should arise, the legal plan documents, contracts and insurance policies will always govern. Villanova University reserves the right to terminate, suspend, withdraw, amend or modify any benefit plan at any time, for any reason with or without notice.

At the forefront of every premier benefits program are health & wellness benefits. It is important that employees and employers focus on the overall health & wellness of their organization.



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Building a healthy financial future is just as important as taking care of your health needs today. Whether it is planning for your retirement, enhancing your family’s education, securing your assets or protecting those you love, there is a benefit program for all of the above.



image of pen and financial documents

Creating the proper Work/Life balance is a key aspect of our benefits program. Together, we are one community, one family creating exciting opportunities for learning, growth, and personal development.