Checking the Status of a Service Request

To review your request and see if it has been accepted, click on " Work Request" radio button under "Search By Number" on the left hand side of your screen and enter the Work Request Number, which is 2 in following example.

Search by Number

When you click on the next button you will see a screen similar to the one below. If you have entered an incorrect number, re-enter your request number and try again.

Request Number

The request query allows you to check on the status of the requests you submit to Facilities Management.  It also will let you see if the request that you have submitted has been rejected. If your request has been rejected, you are encouraged to correct the listed deficiency and resubmit your request.

When our dispatcher has accepted your request, it is assigned a work order number. If no work order number is shown, check back later as your request has not yet been processed.

iServiceDesk Submit a Work Request
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