Recyclemania is a collegiate recycling and waste reduction competition over an 8-week period. Yearly over 450 schools in the US and Canada compete among the different categories described below. The competition looks to motivate campus populations to increase recycling and reduce waste creation, as well as generate awareness around waste issues.

  • Grand Champion: Recycling rate (percentage of waste that is recycled or composted)
  • Per Capita Classic: Recycling rate per student
  • Waste Minimization: Waste per student
  • Gorilla Prize: Total recycling weight
  • Targeted Materials: Recycling rate of each item per student
    • Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Cans and Bottles
    • Food
  • Special Categories
    • Electronics: Monthly recycling amount per student
    • Game Day: Basketball

Villanova has competed in Recyclemania since 2004. In 2014, Villanova came in the top third for paper recycling. On average a Villanova student recycles 8.9 lb a week.  Other colleges and universities that compete include: Temple, Notre Dame, Syracuse University, Butler University, St. Joseph University and Boston College.

Zero Waste Game

This year Villanova is also competing in the Game Day category. Our Zero Waste Game will be held on February 24th, at 7:00PM against Providence. Come support the team and help Villanova reduce our waste!  

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