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Villanova University has partnered with PaymentWorks to handle all onboarding of all new Payees. PaymentWorks is a cloud-based software that is free of charge to our Payees.  This software lets you enter all your information about your company or as an individual and allows this information to be reviewed quickly and efficiently by the University.  This also helps reduce the risk of fraud for both the University and the Payee by ensuring information is accurate and verified as required.  Updating your information is done quickly as you can request all updates through PaymentWorks as well.   Payees will also be able to monitor their invoices and see exactly when their payments will be processed for payment.   Once set-up in PaymentWorks, you will be able to link to other Universities and companies that already use this system for their vendor management.

Payees must receive an invitation from Villanova University in order to become an approved Payee within our purchase order and payment system.  This invitation must be initiated by a University Department.  Please be sure to fill out your information in PaymentWorks correctly and accurately to avoid any delays in your onboarding process with Villanova University.  Payees that require picking a Vendor Type Classification Code should refer to the Vendor Classification Guide to help you choose the correct information to provide in PaymentWorks. Choosing the correct Vendor type helps the University identify insurance requirements as well as other documentation that needs to be provided as part of your on-boarding process. 

Payees can find more information about PaymentWorks at

Instructions and other helpful payee information can be found here and frequently asked questions can be found here.

Questions can be sent directly to or by contacting PaymentWorks at

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