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Declining Balance Card

The Villanova Declining Balance Card Program has been established to provide travel advances for full-time employees, through issuing a cash card with a lump sum amount on it. If approved for a card, the employee will receive a Bank of America credit card that has the capability for point-of-sale transactions and to withdraw cash from an ATM or bank branch. This card is to be used solely for the purchase of travel and travel related expenses.

The Declining Balance Card provides full-time faculty and staff employees with a Bank of America cash card, issued in the name of the employee. The employee is given the authority to make authorized purchases on the University’s behalf. The University will issue payments for these authorized charges. Each department is responsible for the integrity and accuracy of Declining Balance Card purchases.  Cardholders must abide by all policies outlined in the Declining Balance Card Policy. Failure to follow the policies may result in disciplinary action and cancellation of card privileges.

To obtain a new Declining Balance Card, please first contact your supervisor and/or department budget manager to see if you are eligible for a card. If approved, please click the application link located in the menu on the left and complete the application form. Once the application is received by the Procurement Department, the Procurement Card Administrator will contact the applicant with details for training in the Blackboard system. Upon completion of the training, the Cardholder Agreement Form will appear in Blackboard. Please fill out and sign the Agreement Form and obtain all necessary approval signatures. Once completed, please submit to the Procurement Department.





Procurement Card Administrator
Procurement Department Phone:610.519.7445

Financial Affairs