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Card Programs

The Procurement Card Program consists of two credit card options: the Procurement Card and the Declining Balance Card. These credit cards allow for an efficient and convenient way to purchase low-dollar items. For further details, please click on About in the menu on the left side of the screen. To login to Concur or Works, please click on the links below.

***Procurement Card Policy – Updated February 1, 2019***  - Updates to the current  Procurement Card Policy has been established and is effective starting February 1, 2019.  Cardholders must read the new Policy, as there are some significant changes.

    Updates to Current Policy – These are the highlighted changes and additions to the current Procurement Card     Policy.  These changes will be in effect starting February 1, 2019.   


Procurement Card

Login to Concur via myNOVA

Declining Balance Card

Login to Works
            - This link is also available in MyNova's Finance and Work@VU Tabs


All questions for the Procurement Card and Declining Balance Card programs should be directed to Jennifer Yeats at 610-519-7445 or


Financial Affairs

Procurement Card Administrator
Procurement Department Phone:610.519.7445