Deliveries on Campus

Villanova University is a pedestrian friendly campus.  This means there is limited access to Building located in the center of campus.  The attached University map indicates the various roads throughout campus.  The amber pathways are restricted zones and vehicles are not permitted in these areas.  Please note that this restriction affect deliveries in the following way:

  1. Delivery vehicles cannot enter campus from Ithan Ave., travel through campus and exit via Spring Mill Road. Deliveries can be made to Kennedy Hall's loading dock and the north side of Connelly Center. Vehicles can then turn around an exit via Ithan Ave.
  2. Delivery vehicles can travel behind the SAC parking garage. This provides access to many buildings from their rear entrances. Exiting onto Spring Mill Road is possible by continuing through Mendel Hall's lower parking lot (purple route on map).
  3. Trailer length will be limited to 36 feet. No truck (combined cab and trailer) longer than 50 feet will be allowed on campus.
  4. Deliveries to Tolentine Hall, CEER, and the Monastery must enter and exit from Spring Mill Road. There will be a manned gate at this entrance.
  5. The only buildings without curb access under these regulations are Corr Hall, Austin Hall, St. Rita Hall, and Alumni Hall.

Any questions regarding this new policy can be sent to

Map of Main Campus Routes



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