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Insurance Requirements for Current Villanova Students

Current Villanova students being hired by Villanova to provide services are typically not required to carry General Liability, Workers Compensation, or Employers Liability.

  • Automobile Liability: Students who will be driving personal vehicles on campus, including The Inn at Villanova University, or to Villanova events off campus in order to provide services are required to carry automobile liability insurance as required by law. The automobile insurance covering the personal vehicle always responds to accidents and damage. This means that if the student's vehicle is damaged or the student is in an accident while driving his/her vehicle, the personal automobile insurance would respond to any damage and/ or injuries and the stuednt would be responsible for any costs not covered by insurance, including deductibles.The University does not and cannot carry insurance for personal vehicles.  
  • Health Insurance: All students providing services to Villanova must have health insurance in place. The student’s health insurance policy will respond to any injuries or medical expenses arising out of the services the student is providing. The student is not required to provide evidenice of health insurance.

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