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Vendor Insurance Requirements

A vendor is any person, group, organization, or company that is providing services or products to the University who is not employed by the University or a University-entity. In addition, if a University employee provides services or products outside of his/ her scope of employment for which he/ she is not being compensated through the Payroll Department (e.g. a University employee who has a personal DJ company provides DJ services at an event), the employee is then considered a vendor.

Prior to contracting with a vendor or the vendor providing services and/ or products, the vendor must meet the University's insurance requirements and provide a certificate of insurance evidencing such insurance requirements. Insurance is required from all vendors that will be on campus including The Inn at Villanova University. Insurance is also required from some vendors that will be providing services off campus.

It is recognized that certain small vendors, contractors, or groups may not meet Villanova University’s standard insurance requirement limits. In these cases, a request for an exception may be made to the Insurance and Risk Management Department. However, no exceptions to the standard insurance requirement are permitted without the approval of the Insurance and Risk Management Department.

The Insurance and Risk Management Department maintains current insurance certificates on file for the University Suppliers listed on the Procurement Office's website.

Please contact Katie Morris regarding questions about insurance requirements.  

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