Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy

Please note: The Tenant Use Liability Insurance Policy only provides coverage for non-University groups, organizations, companies, individuals, etc. that are using Villanova University's facilities for non-University programs/ events. This policy does not provide coverage for uninsured or underinsured vendors being used for University programs/ events. Uninsured or underinsured vendors should be directed to purchase  a special events policy (which is available from a number of reputable insurers online for a nominal fee).

Do you or anyone in your department authorize or arrange for the use of University facilities by non-University groups or individuals? If so, are you aware that the University requires each organizer/ organization using University facilities to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing their insurance coverage and including Villanova University as an additional insured with respect to the specified date and activity?

In the past, there may have been individuals/ organizations with inadequate or no insurance coverage that were denied the use of University facilities due to their lack of coverage. We can now offer a cost effective way for uninsured or underinsured groups to secure insurance coverage to minimize the liability exposure associated with non-Villanova events. We have arranged through the University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA) with an insurer to provide insurance coverage to facility users for day events and programs which meets University requirements at very reasonable premium rates and protects both the facility user and Villanova from claims by third parties, who may be injured or experience property damage as a result of participating in the event.

The URMIA Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) is a web-based program. Tenants users (also known as facility users) who are uninsured or underinsured should be directed to the TULIP website in order to purchase liability insurance coverage. They will simply click the 'Quick Quote' tab at the top, select the state of Pennsylvania, and select Villanova University for the location/ institution. The user then completes the application by answering a few basic questions such as date(s) of event, number in attendance, and event type. Villanova's standard requirements for facility use are automatically chosen by the program. The user will pay for coverage via credit card online. Once the insurance is purchased, a certificate of insurance evidencing the tenant user's insurance will automatically be sent to Villanova's Director of Insurance and Risk Management.

Premium costs are determined based on the nature of the event, the anticipated number of participants, and the number of days of the event. While it is not possible to list rates for every scenario, premiums for this program are almost always considerably lower than any similar policy available on the open market.

Please note the TULIP web-based program can only be used for day events and programs. For insurer options for overnight events or programs, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

For More Information

Please contact Ashlie Feick, Director of Insurance and Risk Management, with any questions with regard to the Insurance and Risk Management Website.