How to Apply for Veteran Benefits

Students should apply for their VA educational benefit electronically by utilizing the or eBenefits websites.  Students will fall into one of two categories:

Villanova University students who are eligible for, but never utilized their educational benefit before should submit an application for their benefit utilizing or eBenefits

  • Veterans
    VA Form 22-1990:  Application for VA Education Benefits (Post 9/11, MGIB, etc.)
  • Survivors and Dependents of Veterans
    VA Form 22-5490: Application for Chapter 35 or Fry Scholarship  
  • Students approved for Transfer of Educational Benefits (TEB)
    under the post 9/11-GI Bill
    VA Form 22-1990e

Villanova University students that have previously used their benefit at another institution and would like to begin utilizing it here, should submit one of the following forms electronically utilizing or eBenefits.     

  • All GI Bill® recipents, excluding Chapter 35 and Fry Scholarship, should use the form listed below
    VA Form 22-1995 Change of Program or Place of Training
  • Students utilizing Chapter 35 or the Fry Scholarship benefits should use the form listed below
    VA Form 22-5495 Change of Program or Place of Training

    Villanova University Students who are currently using their benefit here and would like to continue should submit their VA Enrollment Verification form. (see the Request Veteran Certification page)

Getting started:
Once you have completed the application process you will need to submit the following documentation to Villanova's Certifying Official. 

  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE): This letter is sent to the beneficiary from the VA stating which VA Educational benefit they are entitled to.  (If you are utilizing the Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefit this information can also be found on your eBenefits account)
  • VA Enrollment Verification Form: Submit this form every term/session you enroll in classes and would like to utilize yoru benefit. (see Request Veteran Certification)
These forms can be uploaded and submitted along with your VA Enrollment Verification form @ Request Veteran Certification


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