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Transcript FAQ

What is the cost of a transcript?

PDF Transcripts (payable by credit/debit card) = $7.00 per transcript.

Online orders for mail delivery (payable by credit/debit card) = $9.50 per transcript

Online orders for office pick-up or campus mail (payable by credit/debit card) = $7.00 per transcript

Walk-in request (payable by check) = $10.00 per transcript.  
The request MUST contain a signed and dated release from the student.


Expedited Delivery Options/Charges will be applied for FedEx delivery, these charges will be displayed upon check out.

**P.O. Box address will NOT be accepted by FedEx**

Please note there is a Maximum 5 transcripts per address for all Expedited Delivery Orders.

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Why is Villanova University charging me for my transcripts?

  • 24/7 access to ordering site.   Current and former students may submit a request from any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world, regardless of dates of attendance.  Requests are authenticated through the student portal or through signature authentication.   There is no longer a need to send in a written request for transcript.
  • Improved tracking service. Order updates are emailed to students, and can be sent via text if the student elects notification by text. Order status and order history can be checked on-line at anytime.
  • Electronic Delivery options. Current and former students, with first attendance since September 1984 (non-credit students since 1999), have the option to select electronic delivery of transcripts by providing a valid recipient email address or selecting from a database of network recipients.  Electronic delivery is recommended.   This enables Villanova to electronically deliver transcripts in a safe, secure and efficient manner to students and student designated recipients such as Universities and Colleges, employers, etc., in accordance with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA).    Students selecting electronic delivery will receive an email notification indicating the delivery of the student’s official academic transcript to the student designated recipient.   Once the student designated recipient receives the official academic transcript, the student will receive a second email notification regarding the delivery of the transcript.

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What are my delivery options?


E-Transcripts are available to undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Who attended since September 1984
  • College of Professional Studies (CPS)  non-credit on campus students with attendance since January 1999
E-Transcripts are delivered from Parchment.


Mail your transcript 

Transcripts are normally mailed directly to the person, school, or company you indicated. Please fill in the appropriate mailing address. Remember to include the specific recipient and department when sending transcripts to a large institution, such as another University.

Transcripts ordered for delivery to a Villanova campus address will be delivered via Villanova campus mail.  Please indicate the name of the recipient and department or office when addressing to a Villanova campus address. 

Express Domestic or International FedEx Delivery Requests must be received by 3:00 PM on business days in order to be processed for express delivery. A confirmation will be sent when your request has been processed.  A maximum of 5 transcripts per address can be ordered per request.  P.O. Box addresses will NOT be accepted by FedEX.

Pick up your transcript Transcripts may be picked up by the student/former student in the Office of the Registrar or College of Professional Studies one to two business days after receipt of the request. A photo I.D. is required.  

Faxing or emailing your transcript  Villanova University will not, under any circumstances, send transcripts via fax or email.  Please select electronic delivery if you wish to have an official transcript sent electronically and you have attended Villanova since September 1984 (main campus degree students) or January 1999 (on campus non-credit students).  See the FAQ on electronic transcripts for more information.

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What if I’d like an unofficial transcript?

  • All transcripts released by Villanova, both paper and electronic, are official and may be verified by the Office of the Registrar or College of Professional Studies.  
  • No unofficial transcripts will be issued.
  • Current Students and recent alumni may view their unofficial academic transcript online via their myNOVA or NOVASIS accounts.

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More transcript information

All financial, disciplinary and registrar obligations (i.e., Transcript Holds) must be cleared before any transcript request will be honored.

The University issues academic transcripts only for academic work completed at Villanova University. Requests for transcripts of courses taken at other institutions must be directed to those institutions, including international institutions where study-abroad work was completed and credits transferred to Villanova.

Evaluative information such as courses completed, grades earned, etc. cannot be issued to an outside party unless the student/former student has given the Registrar written permission to release this information to that party. The Registrar may, however, disclose "directory information" as allowed under The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) without special permission. A list of the directory information can be reviewed at the Disclosure of Student Records web page.

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