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Tuition Exchange

Villanova University

Tuition Exchange (TE) is a reciprocal scholarship opportunity for the dependents of eligible faculty and staff at 645+ member schools.  The Tuition Exchange scholarship is merit-based and requires an application to be submitted by your home school in order to be reviewed for eligibility.

Each year Villanova University receives approximately 100 applications from students who are accepted through the Office of University Admission.  Only students who apply and are accepted into a degree-seeking program to the University are reviewed for consideration of Tuition Exchange.

Awarding Amounts

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the value of the scholarship is $38,000 towards our tuition rate.  In addition to the tuition amount, recipients will have their room charges paid through a supplement. This supplement is available for  on-campus housing ONLY, as long as the student elects to live on campus.


Tuition Exchange FAQ

Do I need to complete a FAFSA and/or CSS Profile if I am only interested in Tuition Exchange?

No, you do not need to complete the FAFSA or CSS Profile if you are only interested in Tuition Exchange. Tuition Exchange is awarded based on merit achievement and is not need-based.  However, if you wish to be considered for other need-based grants or loans you must complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile by our published deadlines.

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With so many applications submitted, how will my child know if they will receive the Tuition Exchange scholarship?

Villanova University's Office of Financial Assistance will send ranking letters to all Tuition Exchange applicants who have been accepted through the Office of University Admission by late March to inform them of their TE “waitlist” number to receive Tuition Exchange.   

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What happens if there are open spots for Tuition Exchange after the May 1st deposit deadline?

Villanova University will review the number of TE deposits against the number of available TE Scholarships after the May 1st deposit deadline.  In the event that there are still available scholarships for Tuition Exchange after the deposit deadline, we will offer the scholarship to the next student on the TE “waitlist” who has deposited.

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I was accepted Early Action, does that affect how I will be ranked for Tuition Exchange?

Early Decision, Early Action and Regular Admission students are reviewed for Tuition Exchange at the same time based on the same merit requirements.

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Will I be eligible to use Tuition Exchange if I study abroad?

No, TE recipients are ineligible to use Tuition Exchange while studying abroad.  This includes both the tuition and room portion.

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If I study abroad for a full year, can I use my room portion towards my senior year as my third year of room?

No, the Tuition Exchange room portion can only be used during freshman, sophomore, or junior year.

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My child is a current student at Villanova without Tuition Exchange. How are they reviewed for awarding?

Villanova University's policy is to review and award upperclassmen who do not have Tuition Exchange prior to reviewing incoming freshmen applications. The parent will need to submit a new application via the TE portal.  Students must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements as found on our website in order to receive new or renewal consideration of a TE Scholarship. 

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What are the requirements to maintain the Tuition Exchange scholarship?

For renewal, a student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress and the parent must still be eligible and apply for Tuition Exchange through their home school's TE Liaison Officer.  Villanova University's Office of Financial Assistance must receive the renewal eligibility from TE Headquarters no later than March 1st.

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