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Scholarships and Grants

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In the spectrum of educational funding, scholarships and grants are the "free money." These funds do not need to be repaid. In general, scholarships are given based on merit, defined by the scholarship program, and grants are given based on demonstrated financial need.

A student is considered for Federal, State and Villanova need-based grants simply by applying for financial assistance from Villanova University. 

Some Merit-based scholarships require an application process while others do not.  Scholarships are awarded as part of the admissions process.  Each scholarship recipient will be notified directly by the selection committee if a scholarship has been offered.  If you have applied for need-based financial assistance and have been selected by the scholarship committee to receive a scholarship, you will receive a revised financial aid notice at that time.  Scholarship recipients will be notified April 1.

For all other outside grants and scholarships, it is the student's responsibility to verify application procedures and deadlines.

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Opportunities Available

The following are Villanova-endorsed, Federal, and State Grants:

Villanova University Grant
Sponsor: Villanova University
Eligibility: Financial need; Full-time undergraduate enrollment
Award: Varies by financial need

Federal Pell Grant
Sponsor: Federal government
Eligibility: Exceptional financial need
Award: Varies by financial need

FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)
Sponsor: Federal government
Eligibility: Financial need
Award: Varies by financial need

PA State Grant
Sponsor: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Eligibility: Financial need; PA residency; at least 6 credits each semester
Award: Varies by financial need

Other State Grant
Sponsor: Other US States
Eligibility: Financial need; state residency
Award: Varies by financial need